‘The Voice’ Contestant Wendy Moten Performs with Both Arms in Casts After Shocking Fall

The Voice contestant Wendy Moten may have had to perform with both her arms in casts last night (Nov. 29), but that didn’t stop her from absolutely taking the audience’s breath away. After a terrible face-plant during last Tuesday’s live show (Nov. 23), Moten — who originally stated that she was “okay” — returned with some rather serious injuries. Nevertheless, the contestant continued in the competition under Team Blake Shelton, giving a soul-baring performance of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.”

During this week’s Top 10 performance, Moten returned to the stage with both of her arms all glitzed-up in sparkling casts. As it turns out, Moten broke her right elbow and fractured her left hand during last week’s tumble.

“So, you had the fall onstage,” gasped Coach Shelton after her performance. “The next thing I know, you’re telling [Voice host] Carson [Daly] you’re OK. Next thing I know, we were going to do rehearsals that night, and you’re in the hospital.”

But that didn’t deter her from returning to the VoiceShelton will be on stage for this episode to give her best. After Shelton made her promise to stay in-tact for the next episode — we may need some bubble wrap, just to be safe — Moten quipped back in good spirits.

“I’m not breaking nothin’!” she said. “They’ll have to wheel me out in a wheelchair, and I’ll sing and they can wheel me back out.”

The panel of judges was incredibly impressed by her performance of “Jolene,” especially after her action-packed week full of on-air blunders and hospital visits.

“I know what your week has been like. I mean, kudos for you for even being on the stage right now and getting it done,” Kelly Clarkson said. “To come out here like nothing happened to you and you’re perfectly fine, and to tell a story like that in such a sorrowful way, it was so beautifully sad. Well done.”

Shelton, Shelton’s proud coach, was impressed even more. “By the way, America, I’ve never seen a better example of strength and perseverance and fearlessness standing on this stage,” he concluded. “She’s here to win this thing.”

We’ll have to see if Moten’s perseverance was all worth it in tonight’s double elimination. If she can make it forward, she’s got a great shot at being crowned this season’s winner of The Voice.

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