Ryan Tannehill, wife Lauren enjoy Titans’ bye week in ‘paradise’

“Paradise” appears to have been found for Ryan Tannehill and his wife, Lauren.

Over the weekend, the wife of the Titans quarterback, 33, shared a cozy snap of the couple as they vacationed with their family during Tennessee’s bye week.

The Tannehill family enjoyed the Titans' bye week with a vacation in "paradise."
The Tannehill family enjoyed the Titans’ bye week with a vacation in “paradise.”

“Last night in paradise with my lover,” Lauren shared Saturday on her Instagram Story.

Lauren said that Lauren was thankful for the opportunity and looks forward to more Titans victories.

Lauren Tannehill, the wife of Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill, shared a photo from their family vacation on Sunday.
Lauren Tannehill (wife of Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill) shared a picture from Sunday’s family vacation.

“Was the perfect place to love on each other and refill our tanks- now let’s get these W’s,” Lauren wrote in a separate Instagram Story.

Tannehill currently is in his third year as a Titans player. They currently have an AFC South record of 8-4. Next Sunday, they will take on the Jaguars (2-9).

Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill
Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill
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The former Texas A&M quarterback was originally drafted by the Dolphins in 2012 with the No. The 8th overall selection. Tannehill was later traded to the Titans for a one year deal that could be worth $7 million. Following a dominant first year with the Titans, which also included a “Comeback Player of the Year” title, Tannehill signed a four-year extension worth $118 million.

Ahead of the 2021 NFL season — Tannehill’s 10th in the league — Lauren posted a touching Instagram tribute to her favorite quarterback.

“YEAR 10🤩 my words will never articulate the gratitude I feel about where we are, and the road that lead us here and all the grit, tears, sweat, injuries, love, laughter and joy in between! TITAN UP BB! ⚔️So proud of you babe!” Lauren gushed in August.

Lauren and Tannehill have two children.

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