Ottis Anderson flooded with messages after Otis Anderson killing

Ottis Anderson, a legend in New York Giants baseball has said that he does not have any relation to Otis Anderson Jr. Otis Anderson Jr. was the ex-star running back at UCF and was fatally shot by him after an incident involving dogs.

Ottis Anderson, who played running back for the Giants from 1986-1992 and won two Super Bowls, said that his “phone is blowing up” in the wake of the tragedy, and offered prayers for the family.

Ottis Anderson playing for the Giants in Super Bowl XXV against the Bills.
Ottis Anderson plays for the Giants against the Bills in Super Bowl XXV.
Getty Images

“My phone is blowing up,” the Giants’ Super Bowl XXV MVP tweeted. “I am not the father of the young man who played for UCF and was killed by his father.

“I only have daughters. It’s a terrible situation. He was gifted. Rest well young man.”

Otis Anderson Jr. (23 years old) ran for Central Florida University from 2017 to 2020. He was on the Los Angeles Rams’ practice squad earlier this season.

Otis Anderson Sr. is facing charges of murder and attempted murder after being accused of shooting his son and Anderson Jr.’s mother, Denise. Anderson Jr. was killed Monday evening after being shot in the chest. After being shot multiple times, Denise received treatment and was released from the hospital.

Otis Anderson Jr. playing for Central Florida in 2018.
Otis Anderson Jr. will be playing for Central Florida this 2018.
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The incident occurred after a dog belonging to Anderson Jr.’s girlfriend bit Anderson Sr.

Anderson Jr. ran for 2,182 yards, and scored 26 touchdowns during his time at UCF.

“We have now confirmed and are devastated to hear of the passing of Otis Anderson Jr.,” UCF’s football program tweeted. “He was revered by his teammates, our fans, and everyone within Knight Nation. We send our deepest sympathies to all who loved Otis. He was taken too soon and will truly be missed.”

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