One paratrooper dead after midair collision in Brazil

The shocking moment that two paratroopers collide midair, plummeting over 100 feet to their deaths during an event for civilians in Brazil. One man was killed and the other seriously hurt.

Both jumpers were trying land the Nov. 13 jump. The highest of the two appears to lose control and descends right into his unsuspecting colleague’s parachute, causing both parachutes to entangle.

According to Newsflash, the men fell about 115 feet.

Erick Nascimento de Souza
Erick Nascimento de Souza, who fell 115 feet to his death, died of injuries.

The two were then taken to Rio de Janeiro’s local hospital. Erick Nascimento de Souza was 35 years old when he succumbed to his injuries that day. According to the outlet, his colleague Major Francisco Damiao Vieira Neto remains hospitalized after surgery.

Belem victim who died left behind her young son and wife.

The Parachutist Support and Maintenance Battalion, of which De Souza was acting captain, said in a statement: “The activity that they were taking part in was of a civil nature and was coordinated by the Resende Parachuting Club.”

Screenshots of the accident video shows the men nearing the ground.
It was a civil event.

The battalion expressed its condolences to the victim’s family.

It wasn’t immediately known if authorities are probing the accident.

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