Man with terminal cancer plans ‘Grim Reaper’-themed party

He wants to put the “fun” in “funeral.”

A terminally ill UK cancer patient is sending himself off in jubilant style — by holding a “Grim Reaper”-themed “death party” this weekend.

“These have been among the happiest months of my life,” Russ Pegrum told South West News Service of organizing the macabre wake, in which family and friends will dress up as the angel of death and enjoy pizza and beer.

“I’m wearing a shirt with skulls on it,” gushed the 49-year-old former factory worker of the “Farewell Badger”-esque festivities.

“One friend has bought a grim reaper costume,” said, adding that the guest list includes “people coming from school days and people I haven’t seen for 30-odd years.”

Pegrum had planned the pre-emptive going-away soirée after being told by doctors that he had months to live.

SWNS reports that this unfortunate person was initially diagnosed with bowel cancer back in 2018. While his cancer had gone into remission, three months later it returned. Pegrum was forced to begin another round of chemotherapy. The poor man had already lost almost 60 pounds by the time he was finished with his chemotherapy.

Russ Pegrum hangs with friends ahead of his macabre wake.
Russ Pegrum enjoys a night out with his friends before his macabre wake.
Russ Pegrum / SWNS
His party will include beer, pizza and costumes.
He will be served beer and pizza, as well as costumes.
Russ Pegrum / SWNS

Pegrum was told by doctors that there wasn’t much more they could do. He decided to stop the chemotherapy and make the best of the remaining days on Earth.

Despite sporting a 9-centimeter tumor and being relegated to commuting long distances via wheelchair, the unflappable patient said he feels “100% better” since quitting the treatment.

“I’ve learned to enjoy my life,” declared Pegrum, who currently lives with mother and father, Brenda and Laurence.

Russ Pegrum (right front) is calling the gathering his "death party."
Russ Pegrum (right front) is calling the gathering his “death party.”
Russ Pegrum / SWNS

Organizing the end-of-life celebration — which the host has dubbed his “death party” — has been surprisingly “enjoyable” as well.

“Planning a funeral is a fairly unusual experience but it’s given me peace of mind,” said Pegrum, who’s selected the coffin and music and even penned his own eulogy, SWNS reported.

“When the time comes, everything will be how I’d like it to be,” he said of his celebration.
“When the time comes, everything will be how I’d like it to be,” he said of his celebration.
Russ Pegrum / SWNS

Naturally, throwing a “Grim Reaper”-themed wake while still alive might seem morbid, but Pegrum said “it’s making light of it and having a bit of fun.

“When the time comes, everything will be how I’d like it to be,” he said.

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