Jokic brothers tell Marcus Morris ‘we will be waiting for you’

The Nikola Jokic-Markieff Morris spat became a family matter on social media.

As time was winding down in the Nuggets’ win over the Heat on Monday night, Jokic got bumped by Morris and responded by giving him a stiff forearm to the ground. The Heat attempted to confront the Nuggets at their locker room, but security rebuffed them.

Afterwards, Morris’s twin brother Marcus, a forward for the Clippers, tweeted for Jokic to watch his back. A Twitter account for Jokic’s brothers responded, “You should leave this the way it is instead of publicly threatening our brother! Your brother was the one who made the dirty play. If you want to go further, we will be waiting!!”

Although you might initially think that the Twitter account is fake, the Denver Post confirmed that it does indeed to belong to Nikola Jokic’s brothers, Nemanja and Strahinja.

The account was created seemingly to respond to Marcus’ statement and it only currently follows Nuggets guard Jamal Murray. The account had more than 21,000 followers as of Tuesday afternoon.

Nikola Jokic gets congratulated by his brothers after winning the MVP last season.
After winning the MVP award last year, Nikola Jokic receives a congratulation from his brothers.
Denver Post via Getty Images

In a Sports Illustrated 2017 story, the Jokic brothers were prominently featured.

“He once held down my arms and threw knives all around my head,” Nikola Jokic said, recalling a time he was punished by one of his older brothers for refusing to climb a tree during a picnic. “That was a little crazy.”

Markieff Morris (left) talks with Marcus during the 2021 playoffs.
Marcus and Markieff Morris (left), talk during the 2021 playoffs.
NBAE via Getty Images

The story also featured this passage: “Nemanja and Strahinja attend every Nuggets home game, Strahinja shouting in Serbian, ‘Bring more energy! Move lower in your stance Get up!‘ Other spectators keep their distance. ‘People think we look scary, sound scary,’ Nemanja says. ‘But we aren’t that bad. We’re not cursing him out anymore.’ Last season, the brothers hit the road several times, but they didn’t want to fly. So they drove their rented Cadillac Escalade from Denver to Los Angeles, Dallas and New York.”

This is how the Jokic brothers responded to a melee between Suns and Nuggets during the 2021 NBA Playoffs.

The Jokic brothers and Morris’ story feels far from over.

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