How these QB shuffles can affect your teams

Managers of fantasy football face many obstacles when setting weekly lineups. Injuries to players and the process of navigating bye weeks are the most challenging. But often times, we also can get tagged by the trickle-down effect when someone else’s player is the one out with an injury.

There will be some quarterback changes this week and changes in fantasy value.

No one is running to their waiver wire to add any receivers from the Lions, but now that Tim Boyle is expected to come off injured reserve to replace Jared Goff, those who have been using running back D’Andre Swift and tight end T.J. Hockenson may need to seek help elsewhere.

Tim Boyle
Tim Boyle
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Goff’s oblique injury is going to put him on the shelf and for some reason, coach Dan Campbell feels Boyle, who has thrown a total of four passes in the NFL over the past two years, is the answer. Hockenson’s struggles have been well documented, so his value dips even further, but now facing the Browns pass-rush and 12th-ranked run defense, Swift’s job is going to be even more taxing. Volume is great if there’s running room, but the Browns have allowed the fifth-fewest rushing yards already and a stacked box is only going to make it tougher.

Elijah Moore, the Jets’ rookie wide receiver, is in trouble as well. With news that veteran Joe Flacco is making the start this week, there are numerous questions regarding the Jets’ young receiving corps.

Moore has seen an increase of targets in the last three weeks. He responded well, with 16 catches totalling 195 yards and 3 touchdowns. Flacco played in five Jets games last year and has a history with tight end Ryan Griffin as well as receiver Jamison Crowder.

Backups often rely on what they already know. While Flacco might have been with the Jets only for a few months in 2021. We can still expect Flacco to rely on familiarity this season in his debut game as a starter.

In addition to these situations, you should also keep a watchful eye on Pittsburgh and Ben Roethlisberger’s status, Kyler Murray in Arizona and Lamar Jackson in Baltimore. Although all three of these are doubtful for Sunday’s game, they will still be able to play if necessary. Always check your waiver wire before the games start and make sure, whether it’s your injury or not, you’re putting your best foot forward.

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