Houston officials to conduct internal review into cause of Astroworld tragedy

Houston-area officials have decided to launch an internal review into the cause of the Astroworld music festival tragedy — despite a proposal by a top elected official for a third-party probe.

Harris County Administrator will lead the review of what caused the deaths at Travis Scott’s event, which was co-founded by Travis Scott. This investigation will also be conducted with the assistance of other county and city entities.

Investigators will look over security, fire and other safety plans at the county-owned venue where the festival took place — NRG Park.

A crowd of concertgoers also caused injuries, with over 100 people being hospitalized.

Lina Hidalgo (County Judge) was the highest elected official of Harris County. She had asked for an outside investigation.

A man wears a t-shirt that reads "I hope you're dancing in the sky" in memory of Astroworld victim Brianna Rodriguez.
A man wears a t-shirt that reads “I hope you’re dancing in the sky” in memory of Astroworld victim Brianna Rodriguez.

“I hope that it comes back with actionable lessons,” Hidalgo said. “I hope it doesn’t result in something vague or forgotten.”

Houston police are also conducting a separate investigation into criminal activity.

While no charges have been brought against anyone, there are dozens of lawsuits relating to deaths and injuries that occurred at the concert.

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Candles are seen outside of the canceled Astroworld festival at NRG Park.
Outside the cancelled Astroworld festival at NRG Park, candles can be seen.
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