Get 30% off New York Post merch, delivered in time for Christmas

‘Tis the season for some shameless self-promotion.

We are only partially kidding. These NYP gifts will be loved by every NYC resident as well as New York Post readers all over the world. They can only be purchased on our site.

And who would we be if we didn’t offer you a sale to go with it? Use code from now until Dec. 3 CONSUME30As a tribute to Cyber Week, take 30% off your purchase at checkout

Also, remember Dec. 3. This is when to place your order for all your holiday merchandise. Our news is never late — your gifts shouldn’t be either.

We have suggestions for all budgets, so don’t worry if you are having trouble deciding on what item to buy. For classic NYP lovers, you can’t go wrong with a comfy hoodie or tee with The Post’s logo, each in a unisex fit for all. Since it’s now chilly in the city, also take a look at our favorite Masthead Flag Beanie, keeping you warm and patriotic all at once.

A collage of a New York Post hoodie, a Page Six hoodie and a beanie on a newsprint background
NYPost Composite

It is also our duty to mention the Bah Hum-Mug, which we believe is the greatest holiday gift. The Post would not be The Post without puns. This mug also features a headline that dates back to December 16, 1989 for those OG newsies.

We have P6 apparel, as well as legitimate mugs to serve your favorite tea. Check out one of our bestselling mugs with the Page Six mantra: “If you don’t want it on Page Six, don’t do it.”

Sports fans, we have gift ideas for you. Get a rival tee for Boston, Philly and Dallas, and make sure to style it with a Yankees or Mets hat while you’re at it — all in good fun, of course.

No matter what you do, make sure to fill out your cart before December 3, so that you can take 30% off and receive a Christmas delivery. CONSUME30At checkout

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