Embattled coach Matt Nagy abruptly cancels Bears meetings in a truly bizarre day

The Tuesday began strangely for Matt Nagy, Chicago Bears head coach. By the end of the day, strange wasn’t nearly strong enough of a word.

After a tumultuous few days for the coach, in which “Fire Nagy” chants had broken out in all corners of Chicago (including at his son’s football game) and a report circulated that the Bears’ Thanksgiving game against the Lions would be his last, Nagy emphatically denied the rumors he was on his way out in a press conference.

That’s when things started to get really weird. According to the Chicago Tribune, sometime between that press conference and the team’s walk-through practice, Nagy met with ownership – telling players the meeting was about “moving forward” and that “no one knows what tomorrow will bring.”

He did not address the report or the lingering doubts about his status with the team, which left some players “angry,” according to the Tribune. Then, Nagy canceled all of the team’s meetings for the rest of the afternoon – a highly unusual move, especially since they are less than 48 hours away from kickoff in Detroit.

Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy
Matt Nagy is the Chicago Bears’ coach
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The organization is left in chaos. According to a source, the management of the situation was as follows: Chicago Tribune’s Dan Wiederer as “remarkably clumsy,” with the reporter noting that “an organization’s professionalism in moments like these is judged at least somewhat leaguewide by other coaches, execs, etc.”

Nagy seems to be as good as dead, but is anyone going to accept the position of Nagy’s replacement? After all that has happened to him. The story about Nagy’s firing was leaked by someone. to Mark KonkolIs he a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist What’s true? What’s not?

The Bears will be a fascinating team to watch over the next few weeks – for reasons entirely separate from the mediocre product they put on the field.

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