Edilberto Miguel Palaez Moctezuma killed by stray bullet while eating Thanksgiving dinner in his Pennsylvania home

Officials said that Friday’s incident involved a single bullet hitting a Pennsylvanian man who was eating Thanksgiving dinner in his house.

Montgomery County Prosecutors stated that Edilberto Palaez Moctezuma was 25 and was about to sit down for dinner Thursday night at 9:30. A bullet entered his Norristown house through the glass. It struck him in the stomach.

He was taken to Penn Presbyterian Hospital where he was declared dead.

According to the prosecutors, Kevon Clarke (19), was kicked from a Thanksgiving party in his neighborhood where he allegedly stole alcohol.

Clarke is alleged to have fired at least seven shots in a dispute about the missing booze.

The first-degree murder suspect — who was considered armed and dangerous –remained in the wind Friday night, officials said.

The deadly shooting happened after alleged triggerman Kevon Clarke fired the shots through the victims window.
The deadly shooting happened after alleged triggerman Kevon Clarke fired the shots through the victim’s window.
Montgomery County DA
The shooting
After Kevon Clarke (the alleged triggerman) was expelled from a Thanksgiving party, where he allegedly stole alcohol, the shooting took place.

“Mr. Palaez Moctezuma was murdered while eating Thanksgiving dinner inside his home, and to be clear, he and his family were not involved in the dispute between Clarke and others,” District Attorney Kevin Steele said in a statement.

“This is the second innocent bystander killed this year by a senseless dispute that turned to gun violence by someone who is not even legally able to own a gun.”

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