‘Can’t be the same person’

She literally splits TikTok in half with her mug.

Social media is abuzz with Mom Chloe Fountain’s amazing makeup transformations, in which she transforms wrinkled skin from sagging to smooth and radiant beauty.

And the Canadian influencer’s over-514,000 followers are divided on whether her viral videos feature the true work of a skilled cosmetics sorceress or if she’s simply enlisted an older female relative to help her fool TikTok into thinking a few coats of makeup revived her youthful look.

“I like causing controversy,” Fountain told The Post with a laugh, but refusing to disclose her real age. “I’m trying to create mystery because that’s what brings followers to my page. That’s my goal because I want to be an internet personality.”

Fountain, who lives on the border of Detroit, Michigan and Ontario, also refused to confirm whether she’s the lone star of her “before” and “after” makeup voodoo videos — some of which have amassed over 1.9 million views — or if she’s using an older doppelgänger to spur confusion.

“When I reach a million followers I’ll reveal whether or not it’s really me or if I’m editing in my mom or something,” she said, noting the thousands of follower requests for a step-by-step video makeup tutorial.

“I’ve made how-to makeup videos before, but no one was watching so I deleted them last year,” she added. “But once I reach my one million followers I’ll ‘spill tea,’ as the kids say, on all my tips and tricks.” 

Fountain says she will reveal her makeup magic tricks when she reaches one million followers.
Fountain promises to reveal her makeup tricks once she has one million followers.
Tik Tok/chloefountainn

But Fountain, who works closely with the elderly as a gerontology social worker, did, however, “spill tea” on her favorite anti-wrinkle creams and skin silkening cosmetics. 

“The Peter Thomas Roth Fine Lines & Wrinkle cream is really good and it really tightens skin,” she said of the previously viral face-altering elixir that magically erases crease and puckers. “I also like L’Oréal’s Infallible foundation powder because I find it’s better on older skin than liquid foundation, which sets into your wrinkles and causes them to protrude more.” 

Her willingness to share a few primping pointers notwithstanding, digital debaters are hopelessly split between those who believe she’s a beauty transformation master and those who think she’s just a TikTok trickster looking for clout. 

The Canadian influencer finds it funny that her makeup clips have sparked online controversy.
Canadian Influencer finds it hilarious that her make-up clips are causing online debate.
Tik Tok/chloefountainn

“Not trying to be mean but [it’s] not the same person,” one commenter wrote beneath footage of an unkept Fountain wiping her hand across the camera to reveal herself as a beautified bombshell.

“Mother then daughter. It has to be. can’t tell me differently,” wrote another, insisting her mom is the person seen in the “before” shot of the clip. “It’s mom and daughter, and both ugly,” penned a hater.

Fountain — who commented, ” I haven’t seen my mom in ages” — said she finds it ironic that her critics think her mother is in cahoots with her for the trending series.

“When I was a kid, my mom would bully me and say mean things like, ‘You’ll never be a model, your legs are too fat,” she said. “So if I can take her [negativity] throughout my whole life, I can definitely take people hating on me online.”

And for supporters who’ve commented, “Wow, you do great makeup work,” and “This is def the same person. Beautiful before and after,” Fountain says she’s grateful. 

“I’m happy that some people are leaving positive comments. I’m not trying to fool anyone or make anyone feel dumb,” she insisted. “I just want to show the world that you can make beautiful changes to yourself at any age.”

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