Ballot measures to loosen voting rules are big losers in New York election

New Yorkers rejected two ballot measures that would have repealed certain provisions in the state constitution, and allowed same day voter registration and universal vote by mail.

The measures — Question 3 and Question 4 — were backed by a plurality of voters in New York City, though at least 200,000 in the five boroughs left that part of their ballot empty.

However, the provisions were staunchly opposed in many upstate counties — including in Erie County, home of the heavily Democratic city of Buffalo. Neither measure received more than 40 percent.

A third measure — Question 1 — would have removed partisan requirements insuring that new district maps must receive some support from at least one member of the minority party in Albany, i.e. Republicans. It too appeared headed towards defeat with just 39% saying yes.

Meanwhile, voters did approve measures to add a right to clean air and water to the state constitution — known as Question 2 — and also approved Question 5, which ups the cap on torts in New York City Civil Court to $50,000.

New York voters approved the right to clean air and water in the state constitution.
New York voters approved the right for clean air and water to be included in the state constitution.
Ron Adar/M10s/MEGA

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