Aaron Rodgers, Donald Trump, Glenn Youngkin spoofed in latest “SNL”

New “Saturday Night Live” cast member James Austin Johnson unleashed his famous Donald Trump impersonation at NBC’s Studio H8 for the first time.

The end of the 19th century saw the first-rate caricature. cold open lampoon of “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” with Cecily Strong playing Jeanine Pirro.

“Tonight’s top story … is the president dead? Politically yes, otherwise I’m told he’s fine,” Strong slurred before introducing quarterback Aaron Rodgers, played by Pete Davidson, to discuss his vaccine controversy.

“It’s my body and my COVID,” Davidson deadpanned. “I can give it to whoever I want.”

“You said you didn’t get the vaccine because you didn’t want to be sterile, which is so insane I wish I said it,” Strong fired back.

Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, portrayed by Alex Moffat, thanked anti-critical race theory mothers for his recent victory, but blanched at sharing the segment with Johnson’s Trump, who insisted that producers put the Republicans on a split screen shot.

Alex Moffat portrayed Virginia governor-elect Glenn Youngkin while SNL newcomer James Austin Johnson impersonated former President Donald Trump.
Alex Moffat played Glenn Youngkin, the Virginia governor-elect, while James Austin Johnson, a newcomer to SNL, impersonated former President Donald Trump.
SNL / Youtube

“Most people don’t like him but he’s a wonderful guy, cool and rich like my sons,” Johnson quipped, as Strong fawned over the ex-prez and Moffat tried to keep his distance.

“PC folks don’t like him,” Johnson said, while running down a list of other things that offend the woke masses, like Chris Pratt playing Nintendo’s Mario, and Santa Claus — who the impersonator said he ordered to gift Youngkin the election to “save Christmas.”

“Succession” star Kieran Culkin hosted the episodeHe played a clip of his last appearance on SNL in 1991, when Macaulay hosted.

The flashback shows that the then 9 year old was picked up by Kevin Nealon in the closing credits. Culkin joked about wanting another cast member repeat this stunt at the finale of the show.

Kieran Culkin served as the host of the latest "Saturday Night Live" episode on Nov. 6, 2021.
Kieran Culkin served as the host of the latest “Saturday Night Live” episode on Nov. 6, 2021.
Rosalind O’Connor/NBC

Musical guest Ed Sheeran played himself as a guest on the “Donnie Warwick Talk Show,” before performing his new songs “Shivers,” and “Overpass Graffiti.”

“What is Apple TV, and how do you get it on a Dell computer?,” Ego Nwodim asked the British pop star during the spoof.

“Is that the best question for me,” Sheeran retorted, before Warwick herself dropped in on the sketch to sing “What The World Needs Now” with her imitator.

Pete Davidson impersonated Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers' first interview since testing positive for COVID-19.
Pete Davidson impersonated Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ first interview since testing positive for COVID-19.
SNL / Youtube

“Weekend Update” poked fun at recent political news, with Colin Jost quipping that President Joe Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill “should be enough to clean two of LaGuardia’s bathrooms.”

The fake anchor also said that Native Americans were offended to see Trump doing the tomahawk chop at the World Series because they didn’t want to “see their culture associated with someone who can’t even run a successful casino.”

Saturday’s episode did not reference long-time Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin’s fatal movie set shooting, or the rumored romance between Davidson and recent host Kim Kardashian.

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