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6 Packing Hacks to Know When Boxing Up Clothes for a Move

Packing is one of the most dreaded experiences that people have to do. It’s challenging to take everything you own and cram it into a few boxes. So we’ve put together this post about how to make packing easier, from tackling old rugs without damaging them to ensuring your towels don’t wrinkle. These six innovative packing hacks for moving your life will help you save time and hassle!

1- Plan Ahead

First and foremost, start early! By throwing everything into an already-packed box in advance, you’ll have much less to do when the time does come. Avoid last-minute cramming for that one crucial item by creating a checklist of everything your moving company will be looking for before they arrive.

2- Set Aside a Laundry Day

Before boxing up your clothes, wash and fold everything that needs to be folded at once so that packing is more straightforward- you’ll know exactly what will fit into your boxes and where each item belongs. This method also allows you to clean out under beds or behind dressers, so when in doubt- check it out!

3- Sort by Season

Packing clothes is a lot easier when you know what season your items are in. Think about where you spend the most time in your home: the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Each area will require a different type of clothing and piece of furniture. You’ll want to bring the best items in each room or space to avoid looking at mismatched pieces left in boxes while traveling.

4- Know What to Pack

It can be a pain to organize everything into the correct categories sometimes. To save time, it’s best to have a ranked list of precisely what you have so you can check if it’s in the correct category before moving on to the next thing. This helps avoid having boxes full of things without knowing which type they fit into!

5- Use the Boxes You Already Have and Label Them

Label your boxes. Labeling each box with its contents is essential to ensure it arrives at its destination in one piece. Write down the items in their entirety and write the name of each item on its label with the item’s style number; make sure to include names, phone numbers, and addresses for family members and friends around your area who might be able to watch over your things for you while you’re gone.

6- Use Boxes and Plastic Storage Bins

That’s right, plastic bins and boxes can be used for storage! If you buy good-quality, stackable storage containers, and large-sized boxes at Target or other retailers, you can store just about anything instead of packing them in suitcases. Take advantage of these containers as well when moving. For example, instead of tossing your older clothes in boxes or storage bins, add them to a drawer for now. Don’t pack anything that will already be stored in the apartment or house – leaving it behind can help you save space!

Hopefully, these packing hacks will keep your moving process from feeling like a hot, sweaty nightmare.


Image by 👀 Mabel Amber, who will one day from Pixabay

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