5 of the Most Important Factors of Organic SEO

In the world of SEO, there are many different techniques and approaches to take. From things like black hat to organic to technical SEO and everything in between. Each type of SEO approach uses something just a little bit different. They also have specific intentions behind them. 

Today, we turn our focus to organic SEO. There are several factors that are important to remember here. Keep reading to learn about 5 of the most important factors of organic SEO. 

What is Organic SEO? 

Let’s start with the basics. What is organic SEO as opposed to any other type of approach? The goal of this approach is much the same as any other. You want to optimize your search engine ranking. The difference here is the approach and how you improve your ranking. 

The goal of organic SEO is to drive that improvement using organic methods. In other words, you want to get results and get ranked on search engines but you want to do it by understanding the algorithm and using a natural approach. 

Organic means natural in a sense here. Just like when you think of organic foods. In this approach, the results were just achieved with natural tactics like using keywords and content that is just really great. It’s all unpaid in this category. 

Now, let’s look at those 5 important factors to know. 

  1. Site Activity

One of the things that will organically affect your website is the traffic that you get on your site. There is more to this though. You need to attract people to the site and make sure it’s fast enough. You also want to entice them to stay for a bit. 

This is achieved by having a really great site. A site with great speed and a welcoming environment will keep people there for longer. The more people that make the effort to actually visit your website, the better you are. But, the time that they spend on your site is also important. 

They don’t have to spend hours on your site but it’s best if they stay on your site for at least a couple of minutes. This number is actually triggered by how long they stay on a competitor’s website in the ranking. 

So if they visit you for 5 minutes and visit the competitor for 1 minute, you will tend to rank higher from this. 

Attract people to your site but then give them a reason to stick around for a few moments as well. 

  1. Keep it Fresh

Websites that never add anything new or change things up a little bit will not rank as high. Organic SEO uses new content to help keep things fresh. This might simply be adding a new blog post occasionally. 

It might be changing a few words on the website, adding something new, or even changing it completely. 

We know it’s not feasible to change your website every week. That’s really not what we mean here. However, you could change small things here and there or simply just add fresh content regularly. 

Having a blog linked on your website and updating that blog at least twice a month can be incredibly helpful. It keeps information fresh and shows that you have an interest in keeping things updated. 

  1. Backlink Articles

Backlinks are a relatable way to use organic SEO. This is simply the act of using another site to link back to your site. The intention is that you submit an article to be posted. The third-party site will post your article and anyone who reads that article gets linked back to your site. 

On the same note, you can also use backlinks in your own articles. Using backlinks is a simple way to improve your ranking. 

The backlink needs to be effective and reliable. It also needs to not be overdone so keep that in mind. 

  1. Security

Don’t forget the importance of website security. If your website is not secure, it will most definitely rank lower on SEO. The most common way to make a website secure is to use HTTPS. This is just a domain type that is known for being secure. 

Search engines do look for security details and the algorithm will use this indicator to rank your site. If you can’t provide a secure website, you’re going to get bumped down in rankings. Making your website secure is really not hard. You just have to do it. 

This is a necessity. 

  1. User-Friendly

Finally, your website needs to be user-friendly. If people are getting bounced or it’s hard to navigate, this is going to drag you down in SEO ranking. Did you know that most search engines use either a trained algorithm or even bots to sort through the details?

You have to appeal to those technical aspects to rank high on the SEO charts in an organic manner. Keep in mind that you’re working to attract people but the ultimate goal is to find out how you can improve based on an algorithm. 

Beating the algorithm is what will ultimately allow people to find you. That’s because you rank higher. Then, as people find you and visit your site, your rankings continue to improve because you’re getting site traffic. 

Make your site welcoming and user-friendly. Try to prevent bounces from being high and try to engage the site in such a way that they visit multiple pages while they are there. 

Organic SEO Approach

When you think of organic SEO, remember that the focus is all about driving sight engagement and rankings. You’re doing this using natural means and not a bunch of paid advertising or boosting. 

Yes, paid boosting and marketing can be useful but that’s not really what an organic approach is all about. Work to drive your rankings using natural approaches like a great site, well-placed keywords, and fresh content. 

Once you get customers to your site, you also want to keep them around for a bit. These 5 tips will help you