4 Pros to New York City Billboards

It may be surprising that with all of the changes that technology has brought over the past two and half decades, out-of-home media is still one of the most effective and impactful forms of marketing. This kind of marketing has been around for nearly a hundred years and is one of the oldest methods of spreading brand awareness. The most famous example of this kind of marketing is the infamous billboard. These giant signs are designed to grab as much attention as possible and are located along heavily trafficked areas such as highways or airports.

One of the reasons that OOH media is still so effective and has lasted the test of time, is that it’s one of the best low-maintenance ways of reaching a large scale. Effective use of OOH media in marketing can passively impact thousands of potential customers with just one advertisement alone. This still makes it one of the best methods of growing brand awareness for several companies looking to gain new customers. 

One of the downsides of OOH media is its lack of ability to target specific audiences. These signs are placed in highly visible areas for everyone who passes by to see. However, through clever advertisements, and place-based methods, you can leverage some level of targeting when using OOH media to grow brand awareness. 

One city that is particularly famous for its OOH media is New York City. This hub of industry and culture has some of the most famous OOH media in the world and is a great place to utilize OOH media to grow your brand awareness. If you have been wondering how your brand could benefit from using OOH media in New York City, here are four pros you need to know.

  1. New York City is One of the Largest Cities on Earth

One of the biggest benefits of OOH media is that is the most effective way to reach a massive audience with low maintenance and next to no hassle at all. These giant signs are meant to be observed by people who are going about their daily lives, hence the name of out-of-home. These potential customers are commuting to work, traveling to see friends and family, or just getting out for a leisure stroll or evening drive simply because they want to. 

While a lot of planning and strategizing goes into the design of the advertisement, the greatest strength of a piece OOH media is the number of people that will passively interact with it. This means that the higher the foot traffic the better the bigger the scale of brand awareness that can be accomplished. When it comes to population, it’s hard to beat the massive concrete jungle of New York City. 

With over 8 million residents, and millions more that visit every year, NYC is home to one of the largest city populations on the planet. Not only that, but it truly is the city that never sleeps. That means that your advertisement will be working both day and night to spread your brand awareness.

  1. Credibility 

OOH media like billboards have been around for decades and have been used by the biggest, most loved and trusted brands. This kind of use has brought a certain sense of credibility to this marketing strategy that smaller brands can benefit from. By utilizing strategic, high-quality OOH marketing, you can help to establish your brand’s credibility while increasing its awareness. 

  1. Variety of Options

Another pro to advertising with New York billboards is the fact that there are so many different kinds of billboards to choose from. OOH media may be nothing new as a concept, but it has aged well in the modern era by embracing the ability to use digital platforms. Digital out-of-home media, or DOOH, utilizes high-quality digital panels that have the ability to portray stunning pictures, and special effects, and even use sound. 

While there is no lack of traditional analog options in New York City if you want to step up your brand awareness to the next level you definitely have the opportunity. With spectaculars, the kind of panels used in Time Square, mobile digital billboard trucks, and digital billboards, there is a great variety to choose from for your OOH marketing campaign. 

  1. Its a Great Way to Push Local Brand Awareness 

To say that New York City is big is an understatement. In a city of this size, utilizing billboards can help you stand out against the competition when it comes to local advertising. This kind of marketing can be great for smaller brands wanting to spread awareness within the city itself. 


With one of the largest populations in the world, using OOH media for your next marketing campaign in New York City is a great option to look into. Not only that, but with a variety of different kinds of billboards to choose from, you can find the perfect strategy to get your brand the awareness that it needs.