What are NFT Games?

What are NFT Games?

Unless you have purposely been trying to stay away from both the gaming and the finance worlds, there is still a slim chance you are not very familiar with the concept of NFT games. 

This new creation that has managed to successfully merge the gaming and the blockchain sphere is proving itself to be fruitful for amateur and professional players, as well as for developers and investors all around the growing gaming communities – and good reasons. 

The latest gaming trend is driving immense progress, opportunities, and growth for the industry, but also giving back to gamers across the world at the same time. 

Running on the success of ownership rights attached to individual players, as well as NFT collectibles that turn into serious cryptocurrency profit, play-to-earn games are being declared as the future of profit, ranking in an insane several billion dollars just in the last year alone. 

How NFT games work

Now we get to the crucial part of things – understanding how it is that games powered by the in-game inclusion of non-fungible tokens work in practical terms daily. Where exactly are these NFTs found in the game, how are they incorporated, how do you get a hold of them and what do you do with them if you want to earn a profit? Let’s get to it. 

NFT use in a game will vary depending on the game you choose to play. Each will come with a set of differences that will provide you with a bigger or lesser opportunity to earn and get rewards, but all of them can lead to a profitable outcome.

What are some in-game things that are considered to be non-fungible tokens? For example, this can be various items, vehicles, armors, weapons, design alterations, decor, avatars, and much much more. This is how NFTs are applied to gaming, earning you the money.

Obtaining or winning any of these makes you, the player, the sole and transparent owner of these in-game assets, and all thanks to the blockchain technology that enables ownership rights that cannot be manipulated or violated. Therefore, you are no longer “just” a player, but also the exclusive owner of your gaming achievements. 

Play-to-earn games explained

Put in simple terms, play-to-earn games are games where you play in a virtual world, do well, and walk out with real-world value proportional to the success you make. This is not only a twist on traditional gaming but also a serious and up-and-coming business model. 

The more you play, the more you obtain, and the more in-game rewards you can get. At any time and your decision, you can turn these into earnings. 

An important aspect of P2E games is the fact that they are decentralized, meaning that the developer cannot have sole control from one place over the entire game. Additionally, by playing the game you take part in the in-game economy, prompting growth not only for yourself but also prompting value for other players and the game developers themselves.

Earning native or already existing cryptocurrencies in a game can be achieved through various activities, such as contests, battles, raids, tasks, and other activities that the game has foreseen. This is the main selling point and point of interest for gamers to take part. 

Earn money with NFT games

Non-fungible tokens the player wins in a game are for the player to keep. No one else has the ownership but the individual player. Earning money with these NFTs can be achieved in several different ways, from selling, trading, or even renting your non-fungible tokens. 

To increase the value of your assets, you will want to spend some time playing the game to optimize them and sell them off at a higher price tag. 

One of the most popular ways to earn money is to take NFTs from the game and post them on a marketplace. Selling it there will earn you cryptocurrency that you can hold on to, invest, or trade for real-world money. Have a good game!


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