Boxer Tommy “The Razor” Rainone

By: Claudia Knutsson

Photo: Claudia Knutsson “The Razor” Tommy Rainone

Photo: Claudia Knutsson

The Plainview Long Island native Tommy  Rainone “The Razor”, 36 years old, is looking forward to his next fight as he prepares to retire from the rink next year.

“My ultimate goal in boxing is to go out as a winner,” he said. “To go out on my own terms.”

The welterweight boxer talked about his preparation as a fighter and how preparing his body automatically prepares his mind.

“The physical part kind of conditions the mental part and work hand in hand,” The Razor said while he explained how he spends eight weeks of non-stop training.

The boxer says he basically has “no life” during training time and spends most of his days in the gym and watching what he eats. He has to get down to the ideal weight and up to the ideal speed so that he’s ready come fight week.

“When you do this every day, it helps with the mind and body, and you’re just focused on one task. Every aspect of it,” he said.

As he looks up to his many boxing idols including Mike Tyson, he says he really wants to go out on his own terms.

“Boxing defines me,” Rainone says when asked what does boxing mean to him.

“I think that it is a huge part of my life. And when I go to give it up next year I’ll figure out just how much,” he said.

“Most fighters cannot walk away in or close to their prime. They have to be out of it,” the fighter added. “That’s why they are fighters. They fight until they can’t fight anymore.”

The Razor is preparing for his next fight in Atlantic City, New Jersey on March 19th. In his career he has won 23 fights, lost 6 and have 1 draw. He will fight at the Claridge Hotel and the fighter he is up against has not been identified as of yet.

Former IBF cruiserweight world champion Imamu Mayfield, based in Perth Amboy,  now 43 years old with a lifetime record 25 win and 9 losses,  will be making a major comeback that night, after eight years out of the game.

“So many guys have retired and they miss it. Whether it’s for financial reasons or they miss the lime light and they come back,” Rainone said, referring to the nature of boxing in general.

Thomas “Cornflake” LaManna age 24 also from New Jersey  will fight in the welterweight class at the Claridge Hotel on March 19 as well.

Rainone visited Hofstra University for a press conference with journalism students to talk about his next fight and life after boxing.

“When is enough enough? You gotta know when to get out and you’ll appreciate it more five years from now,” he said. “But you’re not going to realize what you achieved until you step far away from it. Every fighter goes through the same exact thing.”

Razor fans are rooting for Rainone as he prepares for his next big fight.