Injury puts Australian dream on hold


Lashley transferred to Hofstra from Army. (Photo: Zack Lane)

Lashley transferred to Hofstra from Army. (Photo: Zack Lane)

Former Hofstra University softball pitcher Morgan Lashley was set to start her professional career this October after being offered a spot on the Seacombe Softball Club in Southern Australia.

However one month prior to her departure, Lashley tore her ACL, leaving her stranded in the U.S.

Shortly after Lashley’s collegiate career ended, Head Coach Larissa Anderson received a phone call from Seacombe.

“Throughout the years we are always approached by different international organizations looking for players and former players who may be interested in playing professionally overseas,” said Anderson.

She immediately forwarded Lashley the message, to which the athlete replied, “When am I ever going to get this chance again?”

The young pitcher was headed to Australia.

“My dream since I was eight years old was to play professional softball so once I got the offer this summer, it was a dream come true.”

Originally from North Carolina, Lashley chose to stay in Long Island throughout the summer to train on campus with Anderson. “We worked two to three times a week during the summer and had a schedule laid out that was taking us into her departure to Australia in October,” said Anderson.

September arrived and Lashley was on track with her training until disaster struck. She was pitching with Anderson when her left knee collapsed.

When Lashley’s landing foot, (left foot), landed, her ankle wanted to roll but the ankle brace that she was wearing prevented it to do so. The next joint to take the blow would be her knee. Anderson said, “The side of her leg continued to bend towards home plate, while her knee was facing the other direction. She immediately fell to the ground screaming in pain.”

Lashley tore her ACL, a major ligament in the knee.  She would undergo a complete ACL reconstruction on Sept. 29.

“My initial reaction was a lot of crying,” said Lashley. “I was not expecting it. When I actually first got hurt they never said anything about an ACL tear.”

The expected rehab for an ACL tear is typically six to eights months, which means that Australia is now on the back burner. Lashley now attends physical therapy three times a week at Professional Physical Therapy in Garden City. Her protocol involves getting the required range of motion back in her knee, strengthening the entire leg and eventually working back to running and sport-specific activity.

Although she’ll miss the season, Lashley’s offer to play with Seacombe is still on the table.

Furthermore, Lashley isn’t giving up on her dream. “Hopefully it’ll be just a lot of hard work and commitment,” said Lashley. “My plan is to get back in shape, and try it again. Go to Australia, just to play.”