How to Make Expert NBA Picks

NBA picks is a fun way to get involved with the sports that you already know and love

Read on to learn how you can start making expert NBA picks in 2022.

Know the Sports Industry 

To start making expert NBA picks, you need to first understand the ins and outs of the sports betting industry. It’s a lot of information but it’s a crucial part of making anyone a knowledgeable bettor. This should include things like what type of bets there are, knowledge of the players and teams, knowledge of the big events, and how to be confident in your bets.  

Types of Bets 

There are several different types of bets that can happen in just one NBA game. It’s important to have a firm understanding of all of them to know which is best depending on the teams and other circumstances surrounding the game. So, here is a list of the different types of bets you should know about. 


A moneyline bet is simply placed on whichever team you think is going to win. Making it one of these easiest types of bets to understand as a whole. The only complicated part is the odds. More often than not when two teams come together one of them is favored to win while the other is expected to lose. Because of this, the bookmakers will set the odds to even the playing field.

When the odds are set, betting on the team that is expected to win would give you a smaller payout, and betting on the team that’s expected to lose would give you a much larger payout. It’s rarely one-to-one odds. 

Point Spread

Point spread, the most popular type of bet, is fairly similar to moneyline except with a little bit more detail. With this system, the bookmakers determine the number of points the favored team needs to win by for the bets on them to be winning bets. So if one team has a point spread of negative eight, then they have to win by at least eight points. Meaning that if the underdog loses by only six points, anyone who bet on the underdog would win their wager. 

Over/Under (Totals) 

These bets aren’t placed on the winner or loser. Totals exclusively consider the total combined scores of each team. The bookmakers will set a score and the bettors have to bet that the actual score will either be over or under that set score. 


While all of those are the main ways people place bets there are also other types like parlay, teasers, futures, halftime lines, and quarter lines. These all are a little bit more complex than the others, so if you’re just starting it out it may be best to stick to the first three types of bets. 

Best Lines 

By now you are probably noticing that the bookmakers hold a lot of power. This is true and because of it, you should be very careful where you place your bets. It’s kind of like gas stations. You can stop at the nearest gas station and fill up for $3.50 while just around the corner there’s a station selling gas for $3.20. 

That is why it is always good to shop around for the best lines or odds. You never know if there are some bookmakers out there placing the odds right where you want them. 

Know The Teams 

Knowing how to bet is the first step. Next comes the knowledge of the game. Starting with teams. If you’re just starting it is best to stick with only betting on one team. That way you can quickly learn enough to begin betting. Ultimately the goal is to know every single player on every single team. 

Know the Stats

Once you have a good grasp of all of the teams and their players, the next step is learning all of their statistics. It’s not just enough to know who plays for who. You are going to want to know every single detail you could learn. It’s one of the best ways to start making the best bets. 

Know the Events 

Every sport has certain events that are big for sports betting. These are typically big games like playoffs and championships, but in the NBA it could also include events like all-star games, slam dunk contests, three-point shootouts, and other miscellaneous events. 

Know the Players 

Along with these events people often bet on who is going to be in them before the season even starts. For this reason, it’s important to know the players well. Figure out who you think will probably be at the slam dunk contest or in the all-star game because you may want to wager on it when the time comes. 

Ask The Professionals 

It’s safe to say that studying hard and spending time gaining experience placing bets is one great way to learn how to make expert picks, but there’s no telling how long that could take. It is a ton of information that is ever-changing. 

So, if you are just starting and want to start making expert picks right away, then simply ask the professionals. There are handicappers that you can go to for relevant and informed information on who should place your next wager on. Some handicappers will offer their picks for free while others may charge a small fee. You aren’t guaranteed to win, but your odds will be much higher. 

Take This Info Place the Bets

Finally, now that you have everything you need. Get out there and start placing bets. Learn the teams, learn the different strategies, take picks from the professionals, and have fun betting on the sport that you love.


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