Students seek roadmap as Obama vows to pass Dream Act

During a conference call on Monday with college journalists, President Barack Obama said it is his goal to pass the DREAM Act.

However, he did not give a timetable and reporters did not further pursue the topic.

“Some of you are probably aware this is important legislation that will stop punishing young people who — their parents brought them here; they may not have been documented, but they’ve for all intents and purposes grown up as American young people,” Obama said.

Excerpt: Listen to the Obama press conference

Hofstra was one of several schools involved with the call, including Penn State University, the University of Wisconsin, and Radford University.

Hofstra student and WRHU producer Farhan Husain sat in on the call and said he was disappointed that the bill has not yet been passed.

Husain, who emigrated from Saudi Arabia, said he hoped Obama could get the bill out of the Senate where it is currently stalled.

“Parents’ actions should not be bestowed upon their children,” he said.

The Dream Act would grant permanent residency to immigrants who came to the US as children and completed some time in college or served in the armed forces.  The Washington Post reported this week that the measure was stalled by Republicans blocking the bill by using a procedural vote.

In response, immigration activists accused the GOP of sacrificing the well being of young people.

“It’s unfair to children of immigrants mainly because we grew up as Americans and it provides the opportunity and the right to those who actually grew up here to have an education and have citizenship,” Husain said.