NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Leads Blue Wave Rally in Long Island

Holtsville, NY- With midterm elections coming up in November, many Democrats across the country are trying to rally enough support to take key national and state seats from Republicans as well as protect their seats.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is among those Democrats, and he started with a Blue Wave Rally in Holtsville, Suffolk County on Saturday, April 8th. Long Island has been a key political battleground that usually determines who controls the New York State Senate and Congress, including this year where districts five through nine are seen as battleground races. This year, Cuomo is facing opposition not only from the Republicans for governor, but Democrats as well with Cynthia Nixon challenging Cuomo for the democratic primary. His focus, though, was mainly on President Trump and the Republican Party, who he claims has been taken over by “extreme conservatives” and “bullies.”

“There’s only one way to defeat bully, and that way is to stand up to them,” Cuomo said during his speech.

Long Island Democrats campaigning for support at Blue Wave Rally

Part 0f Cuomo’s plan to stand up against Trump and national Republicans is showing support for Long Island Democrats running for Congress and the State Senate. At the national level, Long Island native and presiding officer of the Suffolk County Legislature DuWayne Gregory is challenging Representative Peter King for his House of Representatives seat. Gregory previously challenged King in 2016, but didn’t win enough votes. He claims this time will be a different result because “there is a blue wave brewing.”

“The mission and focus of moving the country forward is being lost with the partisanship, and I don’t want to go to Washington and be a partisan voice,” Gregory said in an interview with Fios1 news. “I will be a reasonable voice and be an advocate for the people back home.”

Several Long Island seats in the New York State Senate are also up for election. State senator John Brooks (D-Seaford) defends his seat for the eighth district after winning it from Michael Venditto in 2016 by only 267 votes. Jim Gaughran, an attorney in Suffolk County, is challenging State Senator Carl Marcellino (R-Syosset) for the fifth district after failing to win it in 2016. Bailey Spahn, a 20-year-old Hofstra University student from Bay Shore, is running against Phil Boyle (R-Bay Shore) for the fourth district.


IBEW Local 1049 in Holtsville, Long Island where Andrew Cuomo and several Suffolk County Democrats came together to rally support for Long Island Democrats

While most people in attendance were happy to see Governor Cuomo showing some support for Democrats on Long Island, a few left the event doubting if Cuomo was truly behind the candidates.

“His speech was mostly bashing [President] Trump and top Republican officials in Congress,” Charlie Davidson, a resident of Oyster Bay said. “I understand he’s trying to rally support by showing the flaws of republican leadership, but I was hoping he would address Long Island issues. I only started listening when he mentioned offshore drilling.”

Cuomo made Dunkirk references when he brought up offshore drilling near Long Island, promising to privatize vessels to “deconstruct anything they put into the ground. I don’t care who they are, who they think they are, they’re not going offshore drilling off Long Island, I can promise you that.” Offshore drilling has been met with opposition from both Long Island Democrats and Republicans.