New Apple maps brings New York Jets back to Hofstra University

Image shows incorrect placement of Jets training camp at Hofstra

Image shows incorrect placement of Jets training camp at Hofstra

If you have an iPhone 5 or just updated your software to iOS 6, you might find The New York Jets are still training at Hofstra University on Long Island.

But the Jets left Hofstra for Florham Park, N.J., after the 2008 football season. Nonetheless the upgraded Apple map still has them training at the university.

That’s just one of the anomalies which has frustrated users since the new iPhone went on sale Sept. 21.

“The Maps application is the worst app I’ve ever seen,” said Qinghua Hu, 24, from China, who is studying accounting at Hofstra.

Hu had just updated the software of her iPhone before she went on an interview. “There are so many mistakes in the map that I nearly missed my interview. And the roads shown on the map looks so weird, the ground surfaces are rugged somehow.”

“Maybe Apple once has claimed that their mapping service is the most beautiful and powerful service ever, but I only regard it as the worst and funniest service ever,” Hu said.

“I used the Maps only one time, but it frustrated me,” said Hofstra graduate student Minyvonne Burke, 24,  from New Jersey,

“I was interviewing someone in the city, and we went to find a Starbucks to have the conversation. But the map just led us around the street. We had to stop by a random coffee shop to have the interview.”

Graduate Xiunan He, 25, from China, said she thought Apple would bounce back. He, who is studying accounting at Long Island University, said, “Apple is always making surprise and progress. Maybe they failed this time, but as time goes by, I think they will overcome the difficulties. This is just their first version. No one can promise their first product be perfect.”

“I only used the new map only two times, but so far so good,” said Hofstra graduate student Abdul Sada, 28, from Melville. “Although I prefer the old version of the map but so far I don’t have problems with the new one.”

 Graduate student Yuling Xie, 24, from China, said  “I’m still going to buy an iPhone 5. Mapping service is just one of the functions that iPhone has. In general, iPhone is a very good smartphone.”