Mineola residents speak out on NY governor's race

Sam Wilbur, Luz Pena, and Ama Mensah contributed to this story.

Campaign Signs
With Election Day rapidly approaching, many New Yorkers will be heading out to cast their votes.

In Mineola, there appears to be a lot of support for the Democrats, especially in the governor’s race, with a lot of people stating their desire to vote for Cuomo.

“He was already attorney general and I see no reason to change; I don’t like Paladino,” says local resident Desire Herberson.

A few did favor Republicans, stating that change had to be made to Washington. Immigration and education reform were two policies that people said they would want improved.

Yet more importantly, people seemed fed up with all the disagreements within Congress and the national government; they hope that these elections will help create a government that focuses more on the people and less on politics.

“I would like to see people come into office that are willing to work together and not sabotage everyone’s efforts,” says local resident Kathy Quin.

Mineola residents seemed split on whether or not they will actually vote on Tuesday. Those who are going to vote hope their voice will be heard in promoting a better, more effective government.

Of those who said no, some believed that their voice will go unheard regardless. Others, citing that they had little knowledge of the candidates and their views, said they had no reason to go to the polls come Election Day.

LIR video by Luz Pena.

Photo courtesy: Ama Mensah