Long Island suicide rates increase over last decade

The number of suicides for Long Island has considerably increased over the past 10 years, according to data from the New York State Department of Health. The most recent data is from 2013 and shows Suffolk County’s annual growth suicide rate of 63 from 2003-13 while Nassau County’s suicide rate increased by 40 percent over the same period.

As of 2013, Suffolk’s suicide rate exceeded New York State’s.

Long Island also registered the highest suicide rate within the New York area in 2012 and was the second region after the Hudson River area with the largest suicide percentage change from 2009-2012, according to a report from the New York State Office of Mental Health.

New York State’s Suicide Rates Increased in All Categories

Among the age groups that account for most of suicides are young and middle-aged adults. For instance, the annual growth rate among people aged 45-54 years, is 4 percent –an increase of forty percent from 2003-13. While the 55-64 and 25-34 age groups registers an increase of nearly 33 and 32 percent respectively over the same period.

White Non Hispanics and Hispanics are among the most at-risk groups with an increase of about 34 percent and 26 percent respectively. A 2013 Youth Risk Behavior survey found that overall young Hispanic females were more likely to engage in suicidal behavior than any other group. In New York, high school female students attempted suicides, considered attempting suicides, and made a suicide plan more often than men did.

The 2013 report by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention also found that Hispanic females attempted suicides more often than any other group. A year earlier the Long Island Crisis Center had already launched a program to prevent suicides among young Latinas.

The infographic below shows the most recent data for suicides in New York State.