Humans of Hofstra, 2016 presidential debate (part 2)


Matthew Kiernan

Nassau County Board of Elections

“To have the debate here again is really truly dumbfounding, especially this one, probably the most significant presidential election since ’80 or ’84.”

– interviewed by Mackenzie Xanthos


Catherine Fisher

Hofstra University IT

“I told them I would do anything to be involved with the debate this time around. If walk around and serve cookies on a tray if that’s what needed to be done.”

– interviewed by Mackenzie Xanthos


Kristen Simon

Hofstra University student

“I have been networking all day. I find it so amazing that there are many opportunities at our finger tips today, just have to reach out and show your purpose.”

– interviewed by Khaleik Akerson


Nicolas Geisore

Hofstra University student

“Honestly, what I find most interesting about the debate is mainly the determination of students to make it on t.v. Some people been out since five this morning. The debate brings out a different energy.”

– interviewed by Khaleik Akerson


Hal Caicedo

Hofstra University student

Caicedo- “Parking is terrible, but its all worth it at the end.”

– interviewed by Khaleik Akerson

Maurissa Buster

Hofstra Univeristy student

“Its a great day to be on campus today. Our votes do count and don’t allow propaganda to decide for you.”

– interviewed by Khaleik Akerson


Craig Krieg

CNN video journalist

“The last debate I was in a filing room. There’s actually a lot of drama in the filing room on debate day. It’s like a less glamorous office. In the heat of the debate, you’re just looking for that one line to start a great story.  The biggest challenge is taking a step back and figure out what really matters.  This year, that problem with picking which line tells the story will be multiplied by a thousand. Every time Trump opens his mouth, something happens.”

– interviewed by Mark Mausner


Peggy Matusiak

Hofstra University Honors College Office Manager and Director of Alumni Relations

“We had 69 days. Last time, we had thirteen months. The time before that I think we had 16 or 18 months. All the reporters told us last time we did better than the other universities. Our swag…our swag was better than everyone else’s.”

– interviewed by Kirstyn Brendlen


Ronald Nardl

Hofstra Univeristy Public Safety Officer

“First debate, I was over at the command center at the Dome. Money’s no object when it comes to this…they put us on 12-hour shifts. You got State Troopers, Secret Service, FBI.”

– interviewed by Kirstyn Brendlen