Frustration as Dream Act fails in NY again

The New York State Senate has failed to pass the New York DREAM Act for the fourth time. The act was introduced in 2011 and it would allow undocumented students to receive financial aid for higher education. According to a 2011 Immigration Policy Center study, the research arm of the American Immigration Council that provides information about immigrants and immigration policy, more than 4,500 undocumented students graduate from New York schools every year, but only 5-10 percent pursue a college degree due to financial difficulties.

The Long Island DREAM Act Coalition is comprised of various organizations pushing to pass the New York DREAM Act. Long Island Wins, a non-profit organization that focuses on immigration solutions, participates in this alliance. Mitchell Caceres, a Long Island Wins intern and former undocumented student, recently joined the fight to pass the New York DREAM Act.