Fewer college-age Long Islanders seeking help for heroin addiction

Heroin use on Long Island has not stopped, but data shows that the number of college-age Long Islanders seeking help for heroin addictions is on the decline. Long Island residents ages 18-24 were admitted to chemical dependence treatment programs for heroin more than any other substance in 2015. In Nassau County and Suffolk County combined, 2,719 out of a total 6,287 Long Island residents participating  in rehabilitation were admitted for heroin use. Suffolk County contributed the majority of that number with 2,179 residents being treated for heroin use. In 2015, the number of people receiving treatment for heroin use in Nassau County was second to treatment for marijuana use.

The total number of admissions in Nassau County has been decreasing since 2009 and in Suffolk since 2012. The overall number of 18-24 year-olds admitted for heroin, marijuana, alcohol, prescription opioids, other, and cocaine combined has been significantly higher in Suffolk than in Nassau every year from 2007 to 2015. Total admissions in 2015 were lower than the numbers for previous years in both counties, and Nassau reached its lowest number recorded for the 8 year span.

The types of chemical dependence treatment offered varies. Some available types of rehabilitation include: inpatient rehabilitation, medically managed detoxification, and medically monitored detoxification.