Fans react to Yankees firing Girardi

By: Stephanie Ruscio

At the beginning of the 2017 season not many people believed in the New York Yankees. “This was a rebuilding season,” “Too many young players,” said many Yankee fans all across social media. One manager believed in this team, Joe Girardi, who took this team to the ALDS after beating the top seeded, Cleveland Indians, in the ALCS. After losing in seven games to the Houston Astros, rumors were going around about Joe Girardi and his job.

On Thursday October 26th, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. the New York Yankees announced on their Public Relations twitter that Joe Girardi will not be returning as the Yankees manager. Joe Girardi took a “rebuilding team” to an ALDS in one season when no one but him and the players expected it.

Jazmine Gonzalez, a Bronx native who lives 10 minutes from Yankee Stadium and has been a fan for the past 11 years was shocked when Brian Cashman didn’t renew Girardi’s contract. She was veryconfused because there is really no good manager in the MLB to take over Girardi’s job. “I feel that they are now a step back from winning a World Series,” said Jazmine Gonzalez
. “Why would you not renew a manager’s contract when he took them to the ALDS as a wild card team,” said Gonzalez. Since the news broke, Twitter has been going crazy with fans not agreeing with Girardi not coming back. Players have also taken to twitter, like Catcher Gary Sanchez, thanking Joe Girardi for everything he has done for this organization.

According to the General Manager, Brian Cashman, the Yankees want a manager who is personal with the players, like the Los Angelas Dodgers and the 2017 World Series Champion, Houston Astros.

As for Former Yankees Manager, Joe Girardi, he said that there were healthy disagreements with Cashman and was shocked when Brian Cashman told him that they would not be renewing his contract. “I thank Joe for everything he has done for this organization for the past 10 seasons, but it is time to move on,” said General Manager Brian Cashman. Girardi’s 910-710 regular season record with the Yankees over 10 seasons is sixth in victories managing this team behind Joe McCarthy, Torre, Casey tengel, Miller Huggines and Ralph Houk.

A lot of fans were confused and frustrated when hearing about the Yankee’s not renewing Girardi’s contract. Many fans feel that there are no good managers available right now. According to YES Network’s Jack Curry, the Yankees are looking for someone who’s woked with Cashman, he’ll be
heavily influenced by the front office and he won’t make four million a year.

According to Rob Thomson, Al Pedrique, Tony Pena, Kevin Long, and Raul Ibanez are all prospects for being the next Yankee’s manager.