Do BattleVision Storm Glasses Reduce Glare?

Having perfect 20/20 vision is still not enough to prevent you from having intrusive barriers appear to interrupt the clarity of your eyesight when you are in an uncontrolled environment outdoors. 

Countless customers have been leaving 5-star BattleVision Storm Reviews about their experience with this pristine product, glasses that are ready to clarify your view no matter what kind of day you have woken up to.

These impressive optical enhancements offer a clear frame of reference to your surroundings to help you prevent accidents and injuries.

But the question remains, do BattleVision Storm glasses have what it takes to reduce glare?

If you are looking for a little more insight into your eyesight, let’s discuss what BattleVision Storm Glasses have to do with reducing glare that can be blinding. 

Understanding Glare

Before discussing BattleVision Storm Glasses reducing glare, lets first take the definition of what glare is into consideration, as defined by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), which states that glare is “visual conditions in which there is excessive contrast or inappropriate distribution of light sources that disturb the observer or limits the ability to distinguish details and objects.”

That is what glare is. Now let’s get into what it does. Glare is one of the main causes of eye strain and low-quality vision and can become a serious safety hazard, both in the presence of natural light and artificial light.

In the work environment of an office setting, glare can come from computer screens, sunlight, unshaded lighting sources, poor lighting conditions, and not enough color variety. 

The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, more commonly known as OSHA, defines good lighting as being a situation that has sufficient light coming from the right direction and not causing obscure shadows. 

Older age can also intensify the discomfort that glare causes. 

Reducing Glare 

Glare is annoying but it can be controlled by adjusting the light source or the surface reflecting the light and creating the glare by filtering light before it reaches the eyes. 

Anti-glare coating treatment can reduce glare at night and inside from computer screens and bright lights. Some people dealing with prolonged vision issues should contact an ophthalmologist to determine the coating for prescription eyewear. 

Those that don’t require a customized prescription should purchase anti-glare safety glasses, and this is where BattleVision Storm Glasses factor into the process of reducing glare. 

The BattleVision Storm sunglasses are an inexpensive solution when bad weather falls upon you, and yes, BattleVision Storm glasses are a solution for reducing glare when it attempts to overpower your eyesight. 

BattleVision Storm Glasses vs. Glare

When wearing them, a chemical reaction takes place that creates an invisible layer of protection on the lens and transforms them from clear into a grayish color during the day or night. 

They come equipped with UV & Blue Ray Protection to optimize light and protect your eyes from UV and blue rays. 

Designed to be utilized in rural or urban settings when foggy conditions may arise, this optimal eyewear provides visibility during heavy snow and pounding rainfall, with a hydrophobic coating to reject moisture away from your eyes.

Even though Battle Vision Storm glare-reduction glasses are made to effectively block the glare that appears in nasty weather conditions, from the pouring rain, to the frozen snow and to the slippery sleet, you will be able to see properly with high-definition clarity.  

But you will also have the added benefit of being able to wear your pair of Battle Vision Storm glare-reduction glasses on clear nights to reduce the glare from street lights. 

There is a multitude of activities that you can get involved in where wearing a versatile pair of BattleVision Storm glasses can become a visual aid such as:

They can provide much-needed visibility when sledding, snowboarding, or downhill skiing down a snowy hill in the middle of the winter. 

You’ll drive with confidence when blustery weather conditions try to do their worse to make seeing the road a nightmare. Not only can you wear BattleVision Storm glasses during clear nights to reduce glare from lights while you are going for a walk, but you can also bring them along when you are riding on a boat to minimize the glare from the water.

These glasses are also great for reducing glare when you are driving during rainy nights because headlights can reflect off raindrops making it difficult to maneuver safely on wet roads, especially in congested cities that are overflowing with traffic. 

They may not be polarized, but BattleVision Storm lenses have the ability to turn dark when exposed to bright lights.

Seeing clearly can get complicated when strong beams of light are pouring down from the sun in your direct direction while you are trying to concentrate on navigating from place to place. But there is no need to worry. 

When glare gives a scare, get prepared with a pair of Battle Vision Storm Glasses.