Best Ways to Retweet on Twitter Effectively

Whether you’re a working professional or just want to increase your fanbase, filling your Twitter page with entertaining content is essential to keeping your name in your followers’ feeds. Since creating original tweets can be time-consuming, retweeting other users’ tweets can fill gaps in your own content. However, retweeting just anything that pops up on your feed can confuse your audience, so make sure to take into account these 4 ways to retweet on Twitter effectively to give your Twitter page coherence. 

Retweet something relevant

If your Twitter page is dedicated exclusively to advertising for your law firm, retweeting memes and cat photos aren’t going isn’t going to be a good idea. On the other hand, if your personal Twitter page is geared towards comedy, then retweeting memes and cat photos would be perfectly appropriate. Struggling to find something worth retweeting? Check out the top Twitter accounts for some inspiration.

Retweet what represents you

If you make a controversial statement about a cause you are invested in, make sure not to retweet something that goes against it. While you aren’t writing the content yourself, promoting it on your page signifies to your audience that you support it. If you want to support content but don’t want it to reflect your beliefs, simply use the like button. Know the difference between promoting content with the like button and with the retweet button! 

Check who you’re retweeting

If the message of what you retweet reflects on you, surely the account you are sampling from does also. Make sure you’re checking the account of the tweet that you’re thinking of retweeting even if the tweet itself doesn’t come across as harmful. Finding a family-friendly account to retweet from, as this professional does with a local aquarium, is a great way to easily produce content. Retweeting from accounts smaller than your own will give them great exposure, so don’t hesitate to give them a boost!

Don’t Spam

While constantly creating original tweetable ideas can impede your output rate, retweeting may give you the opposite problem. With the ability to post to your profile with the click of a button, it can be easy to clutter your followers’ feeds with too much information. Recognizing that your audience is more than likely following numerous other accounts in addition to yours is key to managing your tweet output. If you hone in on a tweet output rate, check out this article.

Keep a balance between tweets and retweets

While retweeting information can fill in the gaps between recaps of your original thoughts and experiences, they can’t fill in for real tweets. At some point, while scrolling from retweet to retweet, your audience is going to wonder where your original content went. Having a majority of retweets is not going to hurt your account; however, make sure that there is a balance of original content also. 

Retweeting can be a great opportunity to promote other Twitter accounts and also give your account some filler. While retweets can’t act as a direct substitute for your original content, they can show your audience that you’re still frequenting the platform. Nothing will dissuade potential followers like a barren account, so get to retweeting!