Auto thefts on the rise in Nassau County

The Hempstead area had 97 motor vehicle theft incidents in 2015. Hempstead is the leading village in all of Nassau County. Meanwhile, its neighbor Garden City had two incidents.T he Village of Hempstead accounts for over 50 percent of vehicle theft in Nassau county, according to


As shown in the graph below, Hempstead makes up for 55 percent of vehicle theft in Nassau.

Hofstra students are locking their car doors due to a recent surge of vehicle break-ins in Nassau County, according to Public Safety which is working with the Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) on the issue.

There have been 15 incidents of larceny, including theft of personal property and attempted larceny from vehicles, according to a report from The Hofstra Chronicle.

In Public Safety’s Annual Security and Fire Safety Report 2016, there was one motor vehicle theft on-campus reported in 2015.

The car break-ins around campus represent a small fraction of a greater crime wave in the Village of Hempstead.

Kristina Weller, a senior at Hofstra University, lived in an off-campus house during her junior year when her car was broken into. Weller’s iPod, change and headphones were stolen. She learned her lesson and said she won’t leave valuables in plain sight in the future. 

“In terms of the surrounding neighborhood, it is as simple as making sure to lock your house, car, and do not leave valuable items in your car,” Weller said.

Public Safety advised students in the email to park in “highly visible, well-lit areas. Avoid parking near shrubbery or structures that will conceal your car.”

Weller suggests that Hofstra should invest in on-campus options where students and their property are more protected.

For more information about break-ins or thefts, students can call Public Safety’s information desk at 516-463-7878.