5 steps to becoming a firefighter in Nassau County

Fire departments responds to a fire every 24 seconds in the United States, according to the Nassau Fire Commission. There are over 70 volunteer fire departments in Nassau County and all of Long Island’s fire departments are volunteer. These men and women volunteer to run into burning homes for no pay at considerable risk to themselves.

Nassau County’s fire departments are always looking for new members. The application process is simple. You apply directly to the specific department you are interested in volunteering for. There are few requirements to join your neighborhood’s volunteer fire department, i.e. Manhasset Lakeville Fire Department.

Free tuition at Nassau Community College under the Volunteer Firefighter Tuition Assistance Program and monthly benefit checks for qualified members after the age of 60 years old are among the perks for joining.


The video below discusses the application process to become a volunteer firefighter in Nassau County and includes reasons why enlisting to be a volunteer firefighter is beneficial.