Video: Molloy lax midfielder shines despite partial blindness

Molloy College lacrosse midfielder Brian Farley is blind in one eye.

Brian Farley is not your traditional college athlete.

The 21-year-old midfielder for the Molloy College men’s lacrosse team has been fully blind in his left eye from a young age.

Outfitted for all different types of glasses during his youth, Farley said he didn’t fully understand his condition until he got older.

“I had to wear eye patches up to fifth grade,” he said. “I had to see the eye doctor all different times during the week. It was something to get used to. I didn’t really know why I was wearing them. It was different growing up.”

As a member of what he calls “a baseball family,” Farley didn’t pick up a lacrosse stick until his sophomore year at Division Avenue High School. He fell in love with the game and became an All-Conference performer by his senior season.

When it came time to choose a college, he wasn’t planning on playing lacrosse, but a phone call from his coach landed him at Molloy.

“I was a little late in the process,” Farley said. “The coach agreed to come down and take a look at me. He showed me around the college and then told me he would have a spot for me on the team the next season.”

In his first three seasons, Farley received little playing time—tallying just one goal and one assist. He’s now a valuable member of Molloy’s midfield unit, however, scoring five goals and adding one assist in 2012.

Farley graduated from Molloy with a Bachelor’s degree in December 2011. After lacrosse season, he said he plans to begin work in the field of financial analysis while still coaching a youth team.

“Can’t leave the game now,” he said.

And the lessons he learned while playing the game certainly won’t leave him either.