Review: Long Island jazz scene goes ‘Off-White’

The "Off-White Set" plays a jazz number in Babylon. (LIR Photo by Mike Stainkamp)

“The Off-White Set” is a jazz band that is skilled at mixing sounds, with tunes ranging from traditional jazz to avant-garde.

From the rhythms of drummer Hugo Lopez to the sweet sounds of Vincent Loccisano on the keys, hearing The Off-White Set in person gives the full effect.

The band also features Chris Covias on the vibraphone, a rare instrument for most bands. Seeing a band that features a vibraphone could be worth the price of admission in itself.

Chris Norris adds the traditional jazz saxophone, with an anything-but-traditional twist. He adds foot pedals–much like the pedals that accompany a rock guitarist. Norris is also the lead guitarist for the metal band, Dogs of Karma. The effects he uses while blasting out solos add certain effects that few other jazz groups can offer.

Andrew Ahr plays the guitar, but he doesn’t just play the guitar. While playing, he incorporates any body movements that come to mind as he feels the music that the band is putting together. He soothes the crowd with blues-inspired solos and livens up the audience with his enthusiasm.

While performing, the band plays original songs while mixing in some crowd-pleasing covers. They’ll even invite crowd members to come on stage and jam with them.

Whether into jazz or just good music, check out the Off-White Set; you won’t be disappointed.