Increase in amount of gas station robberies

Eleven recent robberies and attacks on several different BP gas stations have left employees feeling scared and unsafe at work.

One of the BP gas stations directly affected by these attacks was a station located on Jericho Turnpike in Jericho. On Jan. 26 employee, Hany Awad was shot and killed during a robbery at this location and now a sign hangs out front with a reward posted for information on the individual who committed this and possibly these crimes.

The store clerk, who goes by the name Attiq, says he had started working at the gas station just five days before the incident. Now, Attiq locks the door after 7 p.m. and lets customers in himself as a precautionary. Although he is afraid to work at night and feels unsafe from these recent attacks towards BP gas stations, he is the only clerk at this location.

Jared Arlin, a consistent customer at this BP station also takes safety procedures when at this location. Arlin, who works right down the road from this station, says, “it is truly a tragedy what happened to the clerk, but as long as you go there during the day, there should be no issues.” Arlin also says that if he ever noticed anything strange when he first pulls up, he will pull right out and proceed with alarming the police of such activity. He advises everyone to do the same in order to stay safe as well as keep the community safe.