Hempstead boxer finds success in the ring

By Joseph Zapata, Isabella Paola, Mike Rudin, and Anthony Santaniello


When the bell rings, local Hempstead boxer Dwayne Burchell, 19, seems like an unstoppable force. At 152 pounds he may not look like much but only seconds into a fight his strength and power shows.

It’s his toughness and tenacity that has twice earned him the Golden Gloves Applebees’ Bout of the Night honors. This came after defeating Hendrycks Diaz on Feb. 25 and Irving Ramirez on March 3.

In person Burchell is a completely different character. He speaks softly and is clearly uncomfortable talking about himself. But when Burchell puts in his mouth guard and wraps his hands he suddenly transforms into a warrior.

Even while doing simple calisthenics such as jumping jacks or jump roping, his face is stern and focused as if he’s trying to explode an apple using only telekinesis.

His coach, Laurence Covington at the Hempstead Boxing Club, located at Kennedy Park, trains the young prospect.

I’m very proud of him,” said Covington.

Burchell climbed up the latter and made it all the way to the 88th annual Daily News Golden Gloves semifinals before losing in a controversial split decision on March 10th.