Does texting affect your social life?

Most students, parents, teachers and anyone else you can think of use the texting feature on their cell phones. However, have you ever considered the amount of texts you send per day? The number of texts we send per day may surprise you.

Well how about the correlation between how often you text and your social interactions?

A recent study at the University of Winnipeg says that there is a correlation between how often someone texts and how shallow they are perceived  to be. According to these results, people who text often are more shallow than people who don’t.

Texting has proven to lessen face to face interactions, leaving most conversations in a digital environment.

The theory describes those that text more may not be as interactive and accepting as someone who does not text often.

According to both researchers Paul Trapnell and Lisa Sinclair, frequent texters may also show increased ethnic prejudice.

Texting is an everyday part of life, but this study sheds new light on the topic.