CancerCare Raises Over $100,000 For Lung Cancer Services

On November 5th, The 15th Annual Lung Cancer Walk for Hope raised over $100,000 dollars for CancerCare’s free cancer services. Over 500 supporters who were affected or knew those that were affected by the disease came out to participate in the three mile walk around the Town of Oyster Bay Golf Course.

Jim Nemo has been participating in the walk for six years. In the first two years, he did it with his cousin, Steve, who was battling lung cancer. Unfortunately, Steve lost his battle to the disease soon after that. Ever since, Nemo continues to participate in the walk with a team called “Strides for Steve.”

“We just keep his legacy going by helping others in need that are going through cancer,” said Nemo. “Our group has grown from ten people to over thirty to forty people [over the years].”

Team Strides For Steve at the starting line for the 15th Annual Lung Cancer Walk for Hope. (Credit: Chris Birsner)

While some have been part of this walk for years, some participated for the first time that Sunday. Shaun O’Brien walked for the first time after his father passed away back in July from lung cancer. He formed a team called “OB’s Buds” for the event in order to celebrate his dad’s life

“We wanted to walk in memory of him,” O’Brien said. “We wanted to contribute money to the cause.”

Shaun O’Brien carries the sign of his team “OB’s Buds” as they walk for their father. (Credit: Chris Birsner)

While those that came out for the event all had different stories, they all had one similar goal: Help find a cure to lung cancer. According to the American Lung Association, it is the deadliest cancer in both men and women in the U.S. One of the most common lung diseases is COPD, which is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

However, the average number of individuals diagnosed with lung cancer has gone down 5.2% since 2003, according to The National Cancer Institute. The same data also found that the lung cancer death toll is down 4.5% in the same amount of time.

Data according to the National Cancer Institute (

Along with single donations to the event, each team raised money on their own. According to the Lung Cancer Walk website, the best team of the day was Jonathan’s Jules, who raised $20,267.00. OB’s Buds raised $1,001.00 while Strides for Steve raised $690.00. The total amount the charity raised online was $93,736.00, not including the money raised at the event that pushed the total to over $100,000.

“We just keep his legacy going by helping others in need that are going through cancer,” Jim Nemo said.

All proceeds went to CancerCare, an organization dedicated to providing cancer patients with various free support services, such as counseling and workshops, as well as financial assistance for those affected by cancer. According to their website, they help around 180,000 people around the country annually, including at their Long Island office, which opened in 1978. Jim Nemo’s cousin, Steve, was one of the benefactors of CancerCare’s services.

“[Steve and his family] got a lot of help from CancerCare,” according to Nemo. “CancerCare was there for them and they helped them a lot. People don’t realize what CancerCare does. They are there for the people.”