'Girl Talk' receives rave reviews from Hofstra students

Gregg Gillis a.k.a Girl Talk at Hofstra University

It was a night of lights, glow sticks and dancing at Hofstra U.S.A. on Friday, Oct. 8 as Greg Gillis, better known as Girl Talk, DJed a live set.  Students danced on stage, crew members launched toilet paper and confetti into the crowd, and giant balloons were thrown about the audience. Not to mention, crowd surfing and stage diving – a necessity for any good rave.

Gillis was as energetic as the crowd, feeding off the energy of everyone in the room.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pa., Gillis began making music in high school. While studying biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve University, he adopted the stage name “Girl Talk.”

Gillis, 28, has released four albums, which are for sale under a “pay-what-you-want” system on the label Illegal Art’s website.

The appeal of Girl Talk lies in the mash-up/remix style of the songs, which use many unauthorized samples of popular music to create new, club or rave-worthy tracks.

Many have criticized Gillis for his unauthorized sampling, but Hofstra students have a different take on his musical talent.

“I think not everyone really understands and respects what he does,” said senior Stephen Helms, “But as a musician, as a learned musician, I think that he occupies a really unique niche in the music community and I think it’s really cool.”

Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk on stage

Junior Adam Dadson said, “Girl Talk is a different, more innovative form of dance. And that’s what’s cool about it, so something like this is actually a pleasure to come to.”

Students like junior Nick Hoerbelt shared the story of how he first heard about Girl Talk.

“I heard about Girl Talk freshman year[…]people were just listening to them in the lounge, and I was just like wow, this is incredible, what is this?” said Hoerbelt, “I really got into Girl Talk when I saw them at Bamboozle last year, and that was just—that was mind-blowing, so that’s why I’m here now.”

Girl Talk lived up to their “mind-blowing” expectations by throwing the best dance party Hofstra U.S.A. has seen in a long time. Through his music, Gillis created a vibrant dance atmosphere for all in attendance.

Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk at Hofstra

After the show, Gillis talked to students on stage and snapped a few photos with his fans.

As junior Stephanie Intoci put it, “He interacted with the crowd[…]Everyone was really, really into it and you could [tell] that there were actually true fans there.”