Long Islanders walk in support of breast cancer cure

Over 60,000 attended the Breast Cancer Walk at Jones Beach

More than 60,000 participants were brought together at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk at Jones Beach on Oct. 21.

“We’ve been working on this since March,” said Anne Thorsen, senior director of special events for the American Cancer Society.

“Right now, one in two women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer reach out to the cancer society for help and my hope is that in my lifetime, they will ultimately find a cure for breast cancer,” she said.

Thorsen described how breast cancer has directly affected her life and loved ones.

“Two women in my family this year have been diagnosed with breast cancer and both have a wonderful prognosis. I thank everyone here who has raised money and raised awareness,” she said. “Today we have a bright future versus, maybe, 10 years ago.”

One of the participants, Alberto Millan, 23, shared a similar sentiment. Four women in his life have been affected by breast cancer. His hope is that the walk would raise funding to find a cure.

“It’s sad to see women go through this,” said Millan. “Hopefully, there can be more cures and more effective ways of going about treatment.”

Arlene Nolan attended with over 60 members of the Adelphi and Hofstra University chapters of Delta Gamma.
“There are several women in our alum group who are in our alum group affected by this horrible disease,” Nolan said.

By attending with the sorority, Nolan hopes to open the eyes of young women. She believes the walk promotes better healthcare at a much younger age.

“You think that you’re young and nothing can happen to you,” said Nolan. “Things are possible at a younger age or a later age. Being aware of your body and always going to a doctor is really necessary for better health.

This seemed to be the general consensus of what the public hoped to see out of the event.

“October is awareness month,” said participant Jill Schiereck, 45. “Let’s make sure women go ahead and get their mammograms and sonograms and do their self-examinations.”