Start Promoting Your Metabolic Health Today

Your metabolism is highly important to your health and your weight. Put simply, your metabolism or metabolic rate is how quickly and/or efficiently your body burns calories for energy. If you have a higher metabolism, your body burns stored calories more quickly; even better, you might find that you lose weight more quickly. The reverse is true if your metabolism is low or slow.

But even if you have unlucky genetics and have a naturally slow metabolism, you can promote metabolic health starting today by following a few smart health tips.

Exercise More Often

The first way to improve your metabolic health is to exercise more frequently simply. When you exercise, think of it as your engine revving up. Your heart beats faster, your body burns more calories for energy, and your metabolism has to increase to compensate and keep up.

By exercising as little as 30 minutes per day could significantly benefit your metabolic health.

Build Muscle with Weight Training

However, you shouldn’t just do a bit of cardio each day. You should also practice weight training to build muscle in the legs and the upper body.

When you build muscle, you’ll burn more calories passively while at rest since your body will have more mass. The more muscle you build, the more food you’ll need to eat to maintain a healthy weight. That’s a direct sign of your metabolism increasing and becoming healthier overall!

Eat Lots of Protein and Healthy Fat

You should eat more protein and healthy fat to improve your metabolic health. Why?

Simply put, protein and healthy fats include amino and fatty acids, both of which are vital for building muscle (which improves your metabolic health). But those micronutrients are also important for overall bodily health.

For example, the odd chain saturated fatty acid C15:0, recently discovered to be an essential fatty acid, is incredibly vital for our bodies. While your body doesn’t make this odd chain saturated fatty acid, you can get it from food or supplements, including healthy meats with healthy fats, like salmon.

Essentially, you are what you eat, so make sure that you eat healthily to promote and strengthen your metabolic health across the board.

Eat Small Meals

Whatever the most recent diet fad suggests, do not skip breakfast or any other meal. Instead, eating smaller meals more regularly throughout the day is smarter. For example, consider eating five small meals spaced evenly throughout your day rather than three large meals.

Why does this matter? Eating gives it the fuel necessary to burn if your body is a furnace. Of course, you should eat healthily for those five smaller meals!

Get Plenty of Sleep

That’s right; sleeping can also influence your metabolic health. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body may not regulate glucose consumption as it should. This can make it harder for your body to burn the right calories stored throughout its tissues, eventually leading to fat retention and weight gain. That, in turn, may also lead to a lower, slower metabolism.

Drink More Water

To boost your metabolism and feel better, drink much more water! Water can temporarily speed up your metabolism plus keep you hydrated and fully functional or active throughout the day. Water is much better than overly sugary drinks, which can cause you to gain weight over time.

Drink Green Tea

If water isn’t your cup of tea, try green tea instead! Green tea can improve your body’s fat burning and metabolic rate by converting fat stored in your bodily tissues into free fatty acids. Combined with exercise, this can help with the fat-burning effect and help you feel a little fuller throughout the day. Since green tea has a bit of extra caffeine, you’ll likely feel a little more energized after drinking a full cup!

Avoid Alcohol

Having an alcoholic beverage every once in a while isn’t a big deal. But if you want to improve your metabolic health, you should drink alcohol only rarely.

Alcohol slows down your metabolism since your body uses the alcohol for fuel rather than calories already stored in your tissues, like fat. In this way, drinking alcohol can directly counteract your efforts to lose weight, even if you otherwise eat healthily.


At the end of the day, your metabolism can be affected by what you do, what you eat, and how you exercise. With the right strategies and techniques, you can improve your metabolism and enjoy faster weight loss and better overall health in no time. Don’t forget to check out fatty15’s other health-related guides and weight loss tips for extra support!


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