Make the Switch to Natural Blood Thinners in 2022

If you’re stuck on blood thinners due to underlying health issues, chances are you are seeing some unwanted side effects along with your medications.

Coumadin and NOAC (non-Vitamin K oral anticoagulants) are a few of the mainstream pharmaceuticals that patients are prescribed, but they come with inherent risks when using them including easy bruising, internal bleeding, slow healing, and even possible stoke.

These medications are likely needed if you suffer from severe ailments like cardiac arrythmia or even after a major heart surgery, but if you’re on them for less severe reasons, you might be able to switch to a more natural approach.

In this article we are going outline a few of the things you should know about making a switch to natural blood thinners. Read along and see if these are right for you. 

How Do Natural Blood Thinners Work?

Natural blood thinners are supplements and foods that will reduce your blood’s natural ability to clot. These supplements naturally thin the blood when orally ingested, reducing your need to take prescription medications.

These supplements may be able to reduce the risks of heart attacks and stroke, however, if you’re already taking blood thinning medications, you’ll want to avoid supplements that could further thin out your blood as this could create a dangerous health condition.

Which Supplements Thin Blood?

Now that we’ve taken a small look into what natural blood thinners are said to do, and how they can help you, let’s take a look at what supplements you can add to your medicine cabinet to get started. 

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids contain a wealth of cardiovascular benefits including blood thinning properties. Supplements like fish, squid, and krill oil are all great for your heart. In addition to blood thinning, they can reduce bad cholesterol in your blood stream, promote good circulation, and help you maintain healthy triglyceride levels.

Incorporating omega-3 fatty acid into your everyday diet is something everyone should consider doing, regardless of cardiovascular health. 

  • Nattokinase

Nattokinase is another supplement that does wonders four your cardiovascular system. Often used to combat high blood pressure, natokinase will reduce the hyperviscosity in your bloodstream—thin your blood. 

Nattokinase works by reducing the enzymes that create a substance called fibrin, which works to reduce the amount of viscosity in your blood. This creates a more free flowing cardiovascular system and can reduce blood pressure and improve other functions of your cardiovascular system. 

  • Garlic Capsules 

Garlic capsules also provide many benefits to having a healthy heart and vascular system. Much like the previously mentioned supplements, garlic works to alleviate problems cause by high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, lipids in the blood, and the hardening of artery walls.

Garlic contains a compound called allicin which is the active ingredient that reduces the effects of the aforementioned ailments by thinning the blood. This is a great natural way to improve your cardiovascular health and work towards being healthier. 

What You Need to Know About Blood Thinners

You’ll definitely want to consult with your doctor about natural blood thinners and their potential interactions with other medications you’ve been taking before you make the leap and start a supplement regiment.

Poor interactions can lead to bigger issues that can be extremely dangerous if you’re not under the supervision and given the blessing from a physician when you decide to try blood thinning supplements.

So long as you’re not on medications for extreme ailments and are otherwise a healthy individual, natural blood thinners can be a great way to maintain proper health, blood pressure, clean arteries, and good circulation.

With all of these things working to your advantage, you’ll be able to live happier and healthier life each day and wake up feeling great in the morning. Proper circulation is imperative for your immune system, limbic system, and proper brain function. 

If you are using supplements or medications and start to notice the adverse effects that we’ve outlined above, consult your doctor immediately. The dangers associated with them can be life threatening if left unchecked. 

In Conclusion

Natural blood thinners are a great way to improve your overall health and well-being, but you have to take into account the proper dosage and external factors that might be in play when you decide to take them.

Consider using them to improve your blood flow versus always defaulting to prescription medication. You might not need pharmaceuticals, but that will be up to you and your doctor to decide on.

We have outlined several really great options for those who need a little help in this piece that won’t contribute side effects to your everyday health. Think about asking your doctor today to see if you can safely make the jump to natural blood thinners and see for yourself. 


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