5 Reasons to Buy a Choli

Traditional Indian dress has remained in style for thousands of years. A lehenga choli ensemble is a perfect look for festivals, events, and weddings. The full and flirty lehenga skirt always makes a statement and flatters every body type. When you find the ideal choli, you’ll want to work it into your daily wear and not just use it for special occasions. Whether you are shopping for a bridal lehenga choli or a new choli to revamp your wedding guest attire, this traditional garment will never go out of style. 

  1. You’re Getting Married 

You’re wedding is the perfect reason to buy a lehenga choli. While this will be a more detailed look than one you’d wear to other occasions, it’s the ideal opportunity to choose a rich color and detailed embroidery. It is your day to stand out, so your choli should make a statement. Traditionally Indian brides wear red and gold for the ceremony, but with so many events surrounding the big day, why not try other colors for the Sangeet?

If you’re marrying into a western family, wearing a lehenga choli can help you stay true to your culture. The traditional ensemble can help you show off your unique sense of style. Show your sultry side at your bachelorette in a backless choli. A casual printed floral set would provide a romantic look for bridal tea. 

  1. You’re Attending a Traditional Indian Wedding

Even if you aren’t the bride, you may want a lehenga choli or two for the events surrounding a traditional Indian wedding. A classic lehenga choli ensemble always looks beautiful at the bridal party when it comes to the big day. Likewise, your bridesmaids will love showing off their natural curves in a style that beautifully highlights the female form. 

Maybe you’re attending your very first traditional Indian wedding. In this day and age, many people are worried about “being canceled.” Don’t stress. It won’t be considered cultural appropriation for you to wear a choli as a guest. The Knot says guests are encouraged to take part in Indian culture. So don’t stress. Use this as an opportunity to add ethnic attire to your wardrobe. Just make sure you avoid black and pick a vibrant celebratory color. In addition to a choli, you may need a dupatta as more religious ceremonies require you to cover your head and shoulders. 

  1. You Can Dress it Up or Keep it Casual. 

Dress up your choli by pairing it with a full-line lehenga and embroidered dupatta for festivals and weddings. Spend the night celebrating and dancing the night away by twirly in your fully and flirty skirt. Add chunky bangles and a bold necklace or variety of bracelets. Finally, add an embroidered dupatta for an extra splash of color and flair. 

Crop tops are trending in western fashion, so why not rock your embroidered choli with a pair of jeans? When they come in so many cuts and styles, you can use them as a top to add a bit of ethnic flair to an otherwise basic outfit. For example, incorporate a lightweight cotton choli into a date night look. Or pair with some wide-leg linen pants for a chic brunch look. 

  1. To Shake Up A Previously Worn Lehenga  

If you are deep in wedding season, you may be feeling like all your traditional outfits are getting a little stale. Don’t overspend by purchasing a whole new getup. By finding a unique choli, you can revamp a lehenga or dupatta you’ve already worn a few times. Try one with three-quarter-length sleeves and a sweetheart neckline to change up the silhouette. Silver sequins or tiny tassels can make a pre-worn outfit feel fresh and new. Show off your sultry side in a backless choli. 

  1. A Sexy Silhouette Without An Age Limit 

There is no age limit to wearing a lehenga choli ensemble. An A-line skirt can flatter any body type at any age. Layer a dupatta over the choli to keep you covered. 

Find a two-piece set that provides the proper cut to emphasize your curves regardless of age or body shape. Teenagers can show off their flirty side in a tapered skirt and off-the-shoulder choli. In your 20s, some gentle pleats can add a bit of maturity, but with a backless choli, you’ll still look youthful and chic. 

No matter why you choose to buy a choli having one in your closet will allow you to add an ethnic twist to any look. Try various cuts and styles and find the fit that makes you feel the most confident in your body. 


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