4 Actually Interesting Ways to Style Your Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are a fun, creative way to add color and style to your wardrobe. With a fantastically designed graphic tee, made from high-quality, it’s effortless to catch eyes and impress people. While people love to wear expressive graphic t-shirts, the truth is that it’s not just as easy as throwing one on. While a graphic t-shirt can be a great way to have fun around the house and stay casual, it can also be so much more. A well-designed graphic t-shirt can act as a powerful statement piece, pulling together an outfit and elevating your look to a whole new level. The question is how?

If you have been looking for creative ways to use your graphic tees for men that will make your outfit come alive, here is everything you need to know! 

Should Graphic Tees be Part of Your Wardrobe?

Before you get into styling a graphic t-shirt in a way that makes you stand out and look great, let’s tackle some basic concepts about a graphic tee. First off, the question has to be asked, should a graphic t-shirt be a part of your wardrobe and who can wear one? 

The simple answer is yes, a graphic t-shirt should of course be a part of your wardrobe, and anyone can wear them, but here’s why. A graphic t-shirt can just be something you wear around the house on a lazy morning off work, or it can be your favorite shirt for yard work, but it doesn’t have to be regulated to obscurity. 

In fact, graphic t-shirts can become staple parts of your favorite looks that you can be proud to wear. There’s no reason why a graphic t-shirt can’t be your go-to when you want to look awesome and feel better. The real question comes down to what kind of graphic t-shirt you are wearing and how you are styling it. 

What Makes a Graphic T-Shirt Exceptional

The other thing that’s tricky about graphic t-shirts, is that they are often associated with low quality. Nearly every outlet that can sell you low-quality clothing offers graphic t-shirts. But just because a t-shirt has a graphic on it, doesn’t mean that it’s not a high-quality piece article of clothing you can be proud of.

When you are looking for a graphic t-shirt that you can be proud to wear, look for premium materials that are made to feel as great as they look. For men, finding graphic tees that are designed to complement a man’s body is key. These shirts will hug a little through the shoulders and chest to accentuate the natural strengths of a masculine build, but keep the belly area loose. This allows you to not only look great wearing a graphic t-shirt but also stay comfortable because the emphasis isn’t on your tummy. 

The graphic is also important. While this is the aspect of a graphic t-shirt that appeals to people the most, you shouldn’t settle when it comes to this part of the shirt. Make sure you love the graphic, the design, the color, and the way it presents on the shirt. The whole point of wearing a graphic t-shirt is to look and feel awesome and having an artisan-designed graphic you love is a big part of that. 

Here’s how to style it so you can always feel great. 

  1. Tucked in is a Vibe

An eye-popping color, a great graphic, and a stylish tuck are one of your best bets for looking fantastic with a graphic t-shirt. Now here’s the thing, be wise about the way you tuck this bad boy in. Wear your favorite pair of faded blue jeans, or your maroon hybrid travelers, but accent your tuck with a belt, or make it look trim. 

  1. Pair Your Look With a Blazer

With the shirt tucked or un-tucked, throwing on your favorite casual blazer is a move. This allows the graphic to really stand out, brings your entire look up a notch, and can be styled with pants that either push casual or are more formal. Either way, the graphic helps keep this entire look laid back, fun, and engaging. 

  1. Shorts and Short-Shorts

Throw your favorite graphic t-shirt on when you head out for a run in your running shorts, or just wanna stroll around in your light-weight cycling shorts. This kind of gym-class feel is a vibe and it’s super casual. It’s perfect for work around the house, a last-minute margarita outside with your friends, or even for the gym. 

  1. Bring the Look in With Denim 

A classic denim jacket already has a nostalgic touch, but when you pair it with your favorite graphic t-shirt, it’s a whole fit. Wear your favorite pair of jeans to keep the denim love going, or go with a pair of shorts. Whether you like a trim jacket or you choose to go oversized, denim and graphic t-shirts go great together.


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