Equity vs. Debt Allocation

How you allocate your assets between equity and debt is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when investing. In addition to being riskier, equity investments, such as stocks, also offer higher returns. Compared to equity investments, bonds offer a lower return, but they offer a lower level of risk. What’s the ideal equity-to-debt […]

Student Loan Forgiveness is a Myth: Here is Everything You Need to Know Today

In most cases, private student loan forgiveness doesn’t exist. Although it may sound morbid, certain private lenders will forgive your loan balance if you die or are permanently disabled. In contrast, income-driven repayment plans and other federal student loan forgiveness programs allow you to partially or fully forgive federal student loans. Even so, President Biden’s […]

What the Self-Employed Need to Know When Applying for a Mortgage 

Buying a home or owning a property can often feel like a pipeline dream for those that are self-employed, or working as a freelancer. Typically, any lender will carefully evaluate the financial criteria of any mortgage applicant. What many lenders are hoping to see is someone with a steady, full-time job, and a bulky paycheck. […]

26 Investment Strategies to Simplify Your Portfolio and Save Money on Fees

A complex portfolio filled with high fees can make investing overwhelming, but it can also grow your wealth over time. By simplifying your investment strategy, however, you can achieve better results, reduce stress, and save money. Here, we’ll examine 26 investment strategies that can streamline your portfolio. and reduce fees. 1. Determine clear and attainable […]

Golden Years, Higher Ed: How to Pay for College in Retirement

Imagine you’re walking a tightrope, balancing retirement savings in one hand and your child’s college fund in the other. It’s a delicate act, isn’t it? According to a recent survey, many parents consider a risky shift in this balance. A stunning 68% would consider dipping into their future funds to cover their child’s education costs. […]