Former CEO of Natixis John Hailer Leads Multiple Charitable Ventures

John Hailer is a prominent figure in the financial industry, boasting an impressive leadership history with reputable companies like Putnam Investments, Natixis Global Asset Management, and Diffractive Partners. His professional career in leadership-centric roles means that Hailer has grown accustomed to motivating employees, maintaining morale, and creating the type of atmosphere that aligns with success. […]

Top 5 Questions To Ask When Interviewing Tech Companies

When interviewing a technology company, it’s essential to ask questions that help you understand the company’s capabilities, experience, and approach to problem-solving. Here are ten questions that you may consider asking: Asking these questions can give you a better understanding of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and approach to technology projects. Core Expertise This question aims […]

What is a Floating Dock Used For?

As boating and watersports become more popular, marinas and docking facilities will need to increase their capacity to accommodate more boats. Expansion might be challenging since there is only so much space available on existing docks, marinas, and waterfront properties. Floating docks seem to be the ideal answer in situations like these. A floating dock […]

New York entrepreneur and author Michael Bash

Michael Bash, author of Million Dollar Miracle: How You Can Make Millions of Dollars in One day and Never Work Again, gives you his formula of how you can purchase and rezone land to generate an impressive profit and continue the procedure. With more than fifty years of experience, Michael Bash offers his years of […]