NYS Attorney General investigating water treatment company

In late February, East Meadow residents found an odd package at their front doors. Water information and testing equipment were distributed by New York Water Solutions (NYWS) throughout the neighborhood. The package included a survey regarding the quality of the community’s water supply, and instructed residents to fill up provided containers with tap water for testing. Many falsely assumed that the package was endorsed by the town or county government. When residents looked... Read More

‘E-Cycle’ your high-tech trash the Hempstead way

Have that old television set and VCR been taking up space in your garage for too long? Well, the Town of Hempstead is here to help. Over the past seven years, the town has successfully recycled over 858 tons of old electronics and other hazardous materials by hosting several “E-Cycling” events throughout the year. On Oct. 15, town residents waited in line as early as 6:45 a.m.—over an hour before the event started— to drop off their unwanted computers, televisions, DVD... Read More

100 Town of Hempstead parks could become smoke-free

Hempstead Town Board members will be able to enact Supervisor Kate Murray’s “Smoke-Free” Proposal at their Nov. 23 meeting. The resolution would ban smoking in the 100 parks in the Town of Hempstead. “Restricting smoking at these facilities makes good common sense and protects children and other neighbors from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke,” Murray said. The law would designate areas for smoking away from tennis courts, playing fields, playgrounds,... Read More