NYS 4th District Republican candidates square off in primary debate

With a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in question, primary season sprang to life in New York state’s 4th Congressional District with a one-on-one debate between the Republican candidates Francis Becker and Frank Scaturro. The Republican candidates are competing for the opportunity to go against democratic incumbent Carolyn McCarthy, who has held the office since 1997, winning eight consecutive elections. Long Island residents filled the Guthart Cultural Center Theater... Read More

McCarthy vs. Becker – the race for NY's 4th congressional seat

In a year where being an outsider is the best qualification for running for office, both candidates in New York’s 4th congressional race are true insiders. Incumbent Carolyn McCarthy (D), was first elected in 1996 when she ran for office after her husband, Dennis McCarthy, was gunned down near a local train station by an armed robber. Incumbent Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy (D) speaks with constituents. The nurse campaigned for gun control and won her seat in the house making... Read More